Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We had a great dinnertime at Marche The Curve on 9th March 2008, to celebrate Lil Guapo's 2nd birthday. The whole family were there, Dad & Mom, Mama Lin with Nabil and Eddie, Baby with Sam and Ashraf and Sofia.

All of us had different2 food and Lil Guapo enjoyed the sausages. In fact, he finished 2 sausages. I had Pizza, Chicken chop, the Australian root beer, mashed potato.... actually, i ate a lot! BURRP... Whatever Baby or Mum or Pogi took, i had a taste of every food. Wouldn't want to miss anything. At the end of our dinner, there was a surprise Cheesecake given by Mr. Lim. So we sang birthday song for Lil Guapo and he blowed the candles, and cut the cake (with a little help from me!). Gosh, the cheesecake tasted very very delicious. Not so sweet, mixed of strawberry and chocolate. And after paying the bills, we head down to Tesco, bought some groceries.

And when we reached home, all of us had stomach ache, including Lil Guapo. Hahahaha.....

L-R : Skutik, Lil Guapo & Pogi

Lil Guapo strike a pose before dinner!

In front of Marche waiting for the rest to arrive!

Lil Guapo enjoying his sausage!

The family! Pogi and Lil Guapo not in the picture. They went to order more sausages.

Tomorrow we planned to go shopping! Yippee....

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