Monday, April 21, 2008

Body Massage, KizSports and Steamboat Buffet


Ahhhh.... my off day. Thank god. After a painful Saturday, i felt a little better. Woke up and pick up my lil guapo. Then i sent my 2 boys to the hotel for their afternoon nap and i went to have my nice 2 hours body massage at Manjakaki Reflexology in Carrefour Subang.

I did massage 1 time before at Manjakaki with an indonesian girl named Ani. So this time i called to book at 3pm. The moment i lie on my tummy, she started from my feet up to my thigh. While she massage, i am non stop burping (throwing the air out!). Most of the parts are very painful. After the legs, up to my back and hands, and tummy and shoulder and neck. God... the most painful part was my tummy. She said it's very 'keras'! Keras with angin or lemak, aku pun tak tau da!

But after 2 hours of painful massage, i felt relieved. Totally very ringan feeling. Couldn't say it in words....

Then i'm back to the hotel, pick up my 2 boys again.

Sent Pogi for his massage session pulak. Then i'm off to Aman. In Aman Suria, everyone was waiting and ready to go One Utama. I planned to bring Lil Guapo and Ashraf to KizSport. Some gym activity for Lil Guapo. We spent 2 hours in KizSports, Lil Guapo had a scratch on his knee while coming down from the slide. But we really enjoyed diving and lying down in the pool of balls. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....

At 8:30pm we left the place to meet up with Momma and Dad at Buffet Steamboat in Sunway. Reached the place exactly 9pm, and took our food and ate. Lil Guapo was really really tired. After enjoying all the food, we paid our bills and head home.

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