Friday, November 14, 2008

Crazy story of my Piercings on the face

1st and foremost, i took out my upper lip piercing last week (did the piercing in November 2007, exactly 1 year). Now i have a tiny little bit of a scar.  Reason i took off the stud? It was always bleeding and pain! Dang the piercer! I fully blamed the girl piercing me, cos she should know that wrong piercings can cause infection. That's what happened to me (i guess). It was always bleeding, got extra flesh come out (poked by the stud), and sometimes (happened twice only) came out some pus! Now i'm thinking of piercing my bottom lips!

I still remember the first piercing i did (on the face ok, ear piercing doesn't count!), was on my nose. And then i did on my centre bottom lips. Both I did in Klang. Using gun! It was stupid for the bottom lips cos the hole was small. Changing the stud after a couple of days was painful, but it was ok after that. No infection. No pain at all.

Then i pierced my tongue. 

I did that in 2002, in Sungei Wang Plaza. Went there alone (well actually Pogi tagged along with me, but he just left me alone at the piercing shop).

Still remember during piercing, lots and lots of blood came out! But luckily, like my bottom lips piercing, everything went well. No infection.  A little bit of swollen for 2 weeks and i lost lots of weight for i only eat soup and drinking water only.

Then,  i pierced on my upper lips in 2003. 
It was perfect. No blood, no infection. 

In 2004, the year i got married, i took out everything on my face (except the tongue piercing).

Didn't have any piercings since the day i got married till November 2007, where i pierced again my upper lips (different spot).

Then in January 2008, i pierced my right eyebrow. Luckily the eyebrow piercings were ok. Didn't gave any problem. 

Now after taking off the upper lips piercings, i was thinking of piercing my bottom lips again!

But am still thinking! 

Should I or should not?

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