Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cineleisure & Chilis

Last night before we went to bed, Pogi invited both of us (Little Guapo & Me) to go for a dating today. He planned to bring Little Guapo to watch movie. I suggested we watch the cartoon Ratatouille so that Little Guapo maybe have interest watching movies. We left d house at 1400 hrs. The movie starts 1450hrs. Thanks to Yop, i still have 1 more free ticket left. Just before i picked up Little Guapo, he just came back from jalan2 wif mum & dad in Klang. That means he still didn't take his afternoon nap and i expect that when the movie starts, he will go to sleep.

Little Guapo, Pogi and Mamaganda in the Cinema

I was wrong!

He didn't move for the 1st 1 hour after the movie started. Pogi and I thought that he must be very sleepy that he didn't move and only watching the movie. But... after 1 hour, he started to feel bored, and he move and walk and climbing and talking and dancing. Luckily the row where we sat, its just us.

15 mins before the movie ends, Little Guapo started to show his tantrum. We did finished the movie though some parts we missed a little cos busy entertaining Little Guapo but the movie was fantastico. Very very entertaining and i wouldn't mind watching it again.

After the movie ended, we headed to One Utama for buka puasa. I suggested to eat at Chili's. And the moment we got down from the car, Little Guapo just couldn't wait to be on his stroller and i knew that he's going to sleep. We were right. As i lay him on his stroller, he dozed off. Zzzzz. Reached One Utama 1715hrs and wanted to book table but they said it's all walk-in only. So we jalan2 a bit. Checked out some new books at MPH. Bought my printer ink cartridge. Bought a toy for Little Guapo at ToyCity and at 1815hrs, we went back to Chili's. Little Guapo was still sleeping until 1800hrs, he woke up. B

We ordered Buffalo Chicken Salad, Monterey Chicken for me, BBQ Ribs and Chicken for Pogi, and Molten Chocolate cake for dessert. I really enjoyed all the food. Yummy. I finished the chicken. Pogi finished his food. But the salad, we tapau. When the dessert came, hmmm... it was the best. Im supposed to be on diet, but with that taste, i just simply couldn't resist it. It was totally delicious. Both of us really enjoyed the dessert. After dessert, settled the bill, and we went home.

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