Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tired.... and @%$*^!

Monday 24 Sept 2007 - My 2 sisters (Yang and Baby) and I planned to do some serious shopping. We planned since Saturday, the places we wanna go cos we were in One Utama on Saturday, and we can't do our shopping cos it was too crowded. So i told my sisters, we should do our shopping on normal days. Normal working days. So we did it!!! We (Yang, Baby, Ashraf, Little Guapo and Me) went out from 10:30am. Our 1st stop was Sogo. Ada Sale! So Yang bought Diesel jeans. For her and Adrian. Then i bought 2 jeans and 2 shirts for Little Guapo. And also a pair of shoes. All for Little Guapo. I noticed that Sogo's children's department is way much better than Jusco. More choices and nicer.

After we finished shopping at Sogo, supposedly our next stop is Jalan TAR, but wif the 2 children wif us, we change plans. We decided to go to Times Square cos Yang looking for high heels. So off we went. We reached Times Square at 1:30pm. She went into all the shoe shops in Times Square from 5th floor to the 3rd. Finally, she found what she was looking for. It's 4inches heels, red color (she wants black but sold out!). Then she went in the next shop and got another pair beige color high heels. Then she said finished.

Next stop Queen's Park. It was almost 2:30pm, and the 2 kids are still not sleeping yet. So we took a stroll along the shops. MNG Outlet, Esprit, End Of Season FJ Benjamin, Lovely Lace Outlet, and A-Look outlet. In A-Look, there's promotion for Contact Lenses. 1 pair RM60 but if buying 2 pairs for RM90. I asked Yang to buy 1 pair so i could buy 1 pair for RM45. She did. She took Amethyst color and i took Green color. Then we went to the next shop In Trend Fashion. There Baby saw the flare 3 1/4 pants that she's been eying for long time. And it's cheaper than Jalan Masjid India and Times Square. She bought Black color. When we're done shopping at Queen's Park, we supposed to go Mid Valley (as planned on Saturday!), but since Yang already bought the diesel jeans in Sogo, there's nothing to buy/look for in Mid Valley. So we decided to go to our final stop - One Utama.

Wen we were in the car, on the way from Queens Park to One Utama, the 2 kids fell asleep.

Little Guapo finally fell asleep

Ashraf happy je....

We reached One Utama at 4pm, did our final shopping, and went home after 1 hour in One Utama. We reached home around 5:15pm. Mom was cooking for buka puasa.

So thats wat we did the whole day.

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