Thursday, September 20, 2007

Facebook? Friendster? Tagged?

Today 20 September 2007. We still have no work yet! Staying home doing nothing (aside from taking care of Little Guapo, cooking, cleaning the house, doing laundry, chatting online), is very very boring....

Buka puasa with KJ frens postponed to 30th September 2007. Linda said its hard to gather most of the frens, and they also requested to buka puasa after their payday. Linda also changed the venue to Puteri Restaurant in Taman Tun. I'm not sure where is that.

It's very boring when most of the frens are not online. It's always me, myself and I alone. D4n1 went missing since the 1st day of puasa. Nora kejap ada kejap takde. Fahmi bila x busy baru boleh chatting. Sigh....

So what did i do? I created a new page on FACEBOOK.

Facebook is like a profile page (just like Friendster and Tagged and Myspace but better!). I was invited to create an account in Facebook by Ezi since 2 months ago (if i'm not mistaken) but that time couldn't be bothered cos i have friendster page and Tagged. To me it's too much already.

After creating a page in Facebook, i noticed it's way more cool than any other page. So now i'm very very busy updating my Facebook page.... eheks....

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