Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beautiful Sad Saturday.....

Pogi and I woke up quite early today cos we have to go to Shah Alam to pass the B'Tru Band photos. Yesterday we have confirmation from Kelab Shah Alam's management that we're gonna start work in October 2007. Yippeee....

After sending the photos, I sent back Pogi home to Bayu and Mummy, Asu & I supposed to go to Nilai 3 shopping. But Mum said she's going at 1430 hrs. To me that's a bit late already, cos i don't like to shop in a rush. So i told Mum, she should just go ahead. We'll go some other time. I ended up sleeping in Aman. When I woke up at 1500 hrs, Mama invited all of his to breaking fast by the lake. We discussed, not sure of which lake to go. Mama suggested Tasik Cyberjaya, Sam suggested Tasik Titiwangsa. I suggested Tasik Kelana Jaya. Ahaks. In the end, all of us decided to go to Tasik Titiwangsa, near Eye on Malaysia. We were all excited to go, especially me. I just couldn't remember when was the last time i went there. Maybe 10 years ago....

So by 1600 hrs, we were all getting ready to go picnic by the lake. We went in Mama's ride. 6 of us... Pogi, Sam, Eddie, Asu, Mama & me. Plus Little Guapo & Ashraf. 1st stop was Billy's house. We picked up the cooler box (for drinks) and a canvas. Then we head on to Section 17 bazaar ramadhan, to tapau food. We bought a lot of kuihs and drinks. I bought Nasi Tomato & Mee Goreng... (for buka & sahur later!). Pogi also bought 2 packs of rice. After buying all the food, we made our move to Tasik Titiwangsa. We reached Tasik Titiwangsa 10 to 1800hrs.
We found a nice spot by the lake, put the canvas on the grass, and started to enjoy the view and the air.

Pogi, Little Guapo & me wif the Eye on Malaysia on the background.

After we had a nice photo taking sessions, Pogi, Little Guapo & I took a walk around the park to see the Eye on Malaysia up close. While we were walking, suddenly it started to rain. We ran back and waited under the shed, hoping that the rain would stop. Time was 1820hrs. And the rain doesn't show like its going to stop. In fact, its getting heavier, and the sky is getting darker. Then Mama told us we still have time to go home. So we packed all our things, ran back to the car and head home. By the time we start the engine, the rain was like cats & dogs... pouring very heavy. So we started to talk in the car, that at least, we enjoyed a few minutes by the lake, and Mama told us to queue up at home and pretend/make sad faces, she wants to take picture of us and put in her blog. We passed the UMNO building and out of a sudden there's a Kelisa car came skidded in front of Mama's ride. "Bang"!!!! She hit the Kelisa. Damn, the Kelisa started to swerve to the left and right trying to get back on track. Mama gave an emergency brake and luckily the cars behind brake on time. And the Kelisa didn't even stop after swerving left and right. In fact, the car started to be running away. After checking everyone was fine in the car, Mama gave a chase to the Kelisa. I stand-by with the camera to take picture of the plate number. There was a Honda Jazz and a van before we can get to the Kelisa. I tell u the Kelisa was driving way over the speed limit (and it was still raining!). When Mama's ride was next to the Kelisa, she (d driver) was so scared. We told her to stop and she kept on driving. Sam even put out his head and swinging his hand telling d driver to stop but i guess she was really scared that she just kept on driving.... As u can see in the picture, the Kelisa's bumper was dented and Mama's ride had a little scratch. We reached home 5 minutes to 1900hrs. Prepared the food for buka puasa, and Mama had no appetite to buka puasa. After buka puasa we head home to Bayu. Now Little Pogi's asleep and I need to take a break.

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