Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ramadhan 1428

Gawd... my day started early today (14 Sept 2007)... but not as early as usual. Last night came back from Rock's place almost 3 in the morning. We went to tapau sahur at Farid's Corner. The moment Pogi and I reached home, we ate and sleep. But this morning, as usual, i opened my eyes at 0830 but somehow i could not wake-up. Very tiring cos of work last night and also cos we went for massage yesterday! My whole body started to feel pain everywhere.... I continued sleeping and the next thing i knew, its already half past 10. Like any other days, the moment i wake up, i on my Chad and saw a message from Adik. She said she bought a costume for Kyle for Halloween. It's little black kitty wif blinking heart. Cute. She was online this morning, and we chat and chat, Adik checked on Daddy and Mummy and told her everyone's fine.

After chatting for a while, it's time to go to Pandan Jaya, to cash our paycheck. We reached Pandan Jaya, went to 3 banks and after an hour, everything was settled. Then we went to Queens Park Jalan Peel Cheras. Heard frm Zureen that the place got MANGO (MNG) outlet. Selling cheap! I bought a jeans for RM*3 (original price RM99), and a couple of blouse for RM*3 only! Damn its cheap! I could not wait to tell Adik about this outlet. I'm sure she'll get excited! After shopping at MNG, we went straight to Bazaar Ramadhan in Kelana Jaya. It started to rain but that won't stop us from checking out the food at the bazaar. We didn't buy much, still controlling ourselves. Bought a few kuihs and that's it. Every year the food selling are the same but the price has gone up this year. After buying the food, we head straight to Aman and prepared for buka puasa. And Mama told me there will be 14 people buka puasa today. Eddie brought home 3 of his friends, and Mama invited Nabil.

After breaking fast, Pogi invited Nabil, Sam, Eddie and his friends to go 'Terawih'. They went to Taman Tun mosque at 2030 hrs and came home at 2140 hrs.

Got home and checked my email and saw Linda's email about Berbuka Puasa on 23rd September 2007. Let's see where they decide to go!!! 3 choices - Tropicana Golf Club, Kelana Seafood and Rebong Restoran. I don't mind anywhere cos i'll be going alone. Am not bringing Pogi and little Guapo.

I guess that's it for today. Am very very tired. But i had a cup of coffee just now that makes me fully awake!!! Tomorrow is another busy day for me... planned to go NILAI 3 to buy material for my house curtains!!! hehehe...

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