Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holidays? What Holidays?


my kind of work has no holidays... if the pub/lounge opens even on public holidays, i still have to work.

I'm so used to my life right now that i don't even know what holidays are? 
To me, if i have no booking contract, then it's HOLIDAY time!!! 
Hahahaha... cool ain't? 
If one month no booking, then my HOLIDAYS are one month! 
If continuous booking, so *LU PIKIRLAH SENDIRI*
(*pinjam tagline Nabil Raja Lawak!)

Sometimes i do felt a little teeny weeny jealous, when some of my friends took a long break especially towards the end of the year! And everytime they had long breaks, they go for holidays.... BUT.... i think, wait..., nope, I KNOW i love my job! I don't need holidays! I always look forward to my working nights.... So what else can i say? Nada!

So wanna know what i did or what happened during Christmas? Go to my band's blog

Wanna wish y'all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Keep coming back ok!!! 

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