Monday, December 29, 2008

I delete all the pix on hard-drive after uploaded them in my blog!

I know it's kinda late to write about the day we went to eat at Gasoline in Sungei Wang Plaza on the 13th December 2008 (the day Dibab made the movie!). 

We, Asu & her 2 kids, Lydia, Pogi, Lil Guwapo & me, started the day very early, 10am! We reached Sungei Wang 30 minutes later. See, one thing about Sungei Wang Plaza, i find it's the best shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. It's big and cheap and it's located in the centre of KL. And i noticed more and more tourists shop at Sungei Wang. So if you wanna go to shop in Sungei Wang Plaza on a SUNDAY, i advise you to go very very early in the morning or late evening. When we reached the place at 10:30am, there's already a lot of cars parked at the basement.

We went straight up to the 6th floor. We planned to just jalan-jalan ONLY on the 6th floor. I know it's only 1 floor but the floor has small-small boutique selling clothes and shoes and accessories. All the fashion boutiques are selling latest fashions in town! 

After finished strolling the floor, we didn't noticed it's already 11:45am. And we decided to have brunch at Gasoline Cafe. I've tried eating Gasoline in Sunway Pyramid a couple of times before and i find the food selection has wide variety and the price is cheap.  Owh, and the cafe has free WIFI too!

Longan Ice - came in a medium size jar! 
Yup, it's a jar not GLASS.
Advisable if you just order 1 and share !!

We didn't know that the drinks comes in a medium sized jar, so the 3 of us (Asu, Lydia & me) ordered Longan Ice each. When our order came, was so surprised how big the glass is. Should've ordered 1 only!!!

I ordered Mushroom & Chicken Soup with Lil Guwapo. The soup tasted good with chunks of chicken!

It's not Onion Soup ok!!! 
It's Chicken & Mushroom Soup!

Pogi & Lil Guwapo enjoying the soup!

Next came our brunch meals... Lydia ordered Chicken in Lemon Sauce + White Rice. Asu ordered fried rice, but not sure what fried rice lak... lupa lar... Pogi ordered Chinese Fried Rice with egg. I ordered Baked Chicken Chop with Cheese...

Chicken in Lemon Sauce + White Rice

Kak Cik aka Lydia dah tak nampak kiri kanan dah....

Asu makan apa ha? Lupa lar...

Chinese Fried Rice (heart shape!)

Feeding time

Baked Chicken Chop with Cheese + Fries and Dressing

Overall the food was good and cheap.

After brunch at Gasoline, we headed to Dibab's house to makan-makan again!!!! 

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