Friday, January 23, 2009

1 thing in common is enuff

i've always watched movies or tv series or even read somewhere somehow that the main reason for 2 people (of the opposite sex) get together because they have "a lot" in common.

Pogi and I have been together since the year 2000.

It's been 9 years we're together (4 years illegal and 5 years legally) and We ONLY have ONE (1) thing in common.

That is music!

The truth is Pogi is totally the opposite of me.
  1. I love to read (anything from novel, Archie comics, newspaper, magazines, leaflets, brochure). He said when he reads, his eyes became teary.
  2. I love to watch TV (seasonal tv series, movie channel, AFC, AXN, cartoons). He prefer his computer more.
  3. I love McDonald's Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger. He hates all the beef from McDonald's (he always ordered McChicken or Bubur Ayam)
  4. I love watching comedy movies (Scary Movie, House Bunny). He loves Chinese kungfu.
  5. I love playing games on PC (The Sims 2) or my PS2 (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas & Need For Speed). He loves to record his singing in his room and upload to YouTube (check out his YouTube channel now - just click here!)
  6. He loves anything that's NOT SPICY (always ketchup or soy sauce kind of cooking). I can't live without spicy food (give me more sambal and cut chillies, yum).
  7. I only eat SPINACH (cos my mom used to tell me when i was young that i could be like POPEYE the sailor man if i eat Spinach). He ates all the veggies in the world (specially pumpkin and kangkung).
  8. I love to go out shopping (malls or flea market). He prefer to stay home and record his singing and upload to YouTube.
  9. I love the beaches (Port Dickson, Penang, Karambunai). He hates the hot sun (6months we worked in Nexus Karambunai in Sabah. Our room were a few steps away from the beach. 6months he didn't even bother to go to the beach!!!)
  10. I love to swim, especially in the afternoon (when the water is warm and nice). He hates the hot sun (i called him Candle Prince - cos he will melt if he goes under the hot sun!).
  11. I have to have my cup of coffee everyday (sometimes i drank 2 cups, 1 black coffee in the morning and 1 kopi kacip fatimah & collagen). He only drinks water.
  12. hmmm... the lists can go on and on and on... but i think i'll stop here. 
So tell me... what do you have in common with your partner??? hmmm?

It's late. 1:24 in the morning. Tomorrow i s Sunday. Resting day. 

Pogi promised to bring the whole family for dinner. I wonder if Madam Lim will be open tomorrow!!!

I'm tired. 

GONG XI FA CAI to all celebrating chinese new year!

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