Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lain yg di cari, lain yg aku beli....


i was looking for this ring that can transform into 2 and can make it into a chain! really nice thing to wear to work.... tapi cari punya cari punya cari, tak jumpa2 gak...

2 weeks dah aku cari benda tu... 1st at Amcorp Mall Buzz-R. Masa kt Amcorp tu (went there with Mum & Lil Guwapo), we were there even before 11:30am. Maybe because we were so early, the booth yg jual necklace tu tak dibuka lagi....

in the end, we end up makan nasik daun pisang Kanna in SS2.

so last weekend, i heard that Bijou Bazaar gonna be at SOHO KL (1st time pi kt Soho, 3 weeks ago after makan rojak tepi jalan kt Tmn Tun and then suddenly Big Momma said she wants to show me where her house-to-be!!!)

these pictures taken 3 weeks ago!!!
layan rojak tepi jalan kt Taman Tun...
mum dah habish belasah rojak, 
then belasah cendol + pulut plak!
big momma's idea to makan rojak tepi jalan!!!
rasanya - ok jer...
 takde ler hebat cam Rojak Khaleel kt penang tu!!! huhuhu

i was excited to know that the ones selling the necklace will be at Bijou Bazaar in Soho. memula tu rasa cam malas nk pegi. biasalah kalau hujung minggu sure crowded nyer. 

so pagi ahad lepas, asu doL (she was staying over at my house again for the weekends!) and me plus the kids (Pogi didn't come along... he prefer to stay at home!), we went to Mummy's house in the morning. Big Momma Ilene (BMI) went to Bali from 11th-14th Feb (with bf) so Asu and me were so excited to see what BMI bought for us!

sampai-sampai jer, BMI brought down 1 bag plastic.... then she started sorting out all the stuffs to be given, t-shirts for Pogi & Lil Guwapo & Eddie, tube blouse for Asu DoL and me, blouse for Mum, chocolates for Dad, more bajus for Ashraf & Sofia, then a keychain (bentuk 'utin') for Sam, 3 fridge magnets for me + a big ring and 2 bangles. Cunnnnnnnn....

after sorting out the stuffs, Asu and me decided to go Soho KL to check out the bazaar! so we left the house at 3pm.

surprisingly it wasn't that crowded. parking was eezy-breezy (parking basement RM1 on sunday).

ronda-punyer-ronda-punyer-ronda, the thing that i want still takde!!! haiya!

tapi i found this one leopard print blouse (i have 2 leopard blouse but only 1 can use sebab the other one makes me look like pregnant ;D)

tried (main sarung jer!) and i love it. A bit pricey for a cotton blouse yg i think i can do myself cuma malas jer... it's RM39 but i bargain *wink wink* i get it for RM37.

lepas dah 2 round pusing-pusing kt bazaar tu, it's picture time plak.

asu doL with BMI's house-to-be in the background!

BMI's house is the penthouse!

panas panas panas

taking breezy walk

dah puas bergambar, jalan2 lagi tapi still tak jumpa gak the necklace ring!!! haiya!!!

dah penat, kitorang pun pulang back to Mummy's house.

petang bebudak mandi outside in the yard!!!

abang Eddie kena jadi 'JAGA'

after the puas mandi-mandi, we went home and took pictures with the new tube blouse that BMI bought for us!!!

gambar blur disengajakan!!!

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Honey A. Fuad.... said...

ish,camera BMI ni x clear la pulak!!! baik guna camera phone haku...

cantik tube aku...

ngeh ngeh....



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