Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hot and Cold - Katy Perry

Everywhere now i heard that most of the people are sick (Even some of my relatives in Philippines!).

They blamed the weather which is very very hot (sure my electric bill naik gila-gila sebab siang hari pun asyik pakai air-cond jer!). And when it's raining, mcm hujan "segan nk singgah lama-lama". So just imagined the heat from the road bila dh panas super super tetiba hujan sekejap bagi basah jalan sikit jer... so haba from the road naik ke udara dan makes it more PANAS!!! fuyoooh....

It's hard to explain but because of the weather, most of my friend's children sakit. That includes my precious Lil Guwapo! He has been having colds since over a month already. Walaupun dh bagi ubat, the colds come and go. Until last Thursday night, when we came home from work, Mummy (who is his nanny grandma) told us that Lil Guwapo's body temperature very very HOT! BURNING HOT!!!.... serious.... but i didn't worry much because even though his temperature is considered having high fever, amazingly dia tak merengek or monyok (bad mood). Instead he's happily playing his bicycle or playing with his Albert at 1:30 in the morning (maybe because dia dah tidoq from 10:00pm to 1:00am, tu pasal lar dia berjaga malam tu!). After 2 hours playing-playing, i hafta force him to sleep. So the next day when he woke up, he was fine! No fever, still having colds, additional coughing pulak.

Yg pelik nya, daytime, he's doing fine. When night time comes (time-time i nk gi keje), Lil Guwapo's temperature starts to become panas. Hmmm... During daytime, we saw he's ok, that's why we didn't bring him to the clinic, so when on Friday night (2 nights in a row), Lil Guwapo's having fever, i decided to bring him to the doctor the next day. Tapi yg best nya, walaupun dia demam panas, tapi he still can play-play with his toys and talking nonsense to me (always in happy mood)... 

2 nights still the same, on Saturday, during the day, again Lil Guwapo's fine. We gave him Panadol syrup and we bought a cough & colds medicine from our favourite pharmacist. Gave him the medicine, thank God, on Saturday night, he's fine - no more fever, except for coughing jer.... 

Until today, he's getting better and better. He sleeps a lot (maybe from the medicine). One thing i noticed that he loves talking. And whatever word i teach him, he said it very clear and fast!

Maybe dia demam nk bercakap fluently kot???
He's turning 3 soon! 

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