Monday, March 2, 2009

Toys 'R' Us 'R' us

Every year since the past 3 years, when the month of March comes, u will see us spending lots of time in Toys R Us.

Every year, 1st week of March, it's always about Toys R Us and Lil Guwapo.

Last year, we went to Toys R Us Subang Parade. Pogi bought Lil Guwapo a Winnie the Pooh Air-Plane Ride On for his 2nd birthday.

Unfortunately this ride-on is a bit too small for Lil Guwapo 
(cos we bought without Lil Guwapo with us) 
even though it's meant for 12month - 36 months,
but if your child is kinda 'big' for his age,
better shop with your child!
(in the end his cousin Ashraf is the lucky one who gets to play it)

So this year, we gave the freedom to Lil Guwapo to choose what he wants for his birthday present (we don't wanna make the same mistake where we bought something expensive and in the end he couldn't use it).

We decided to check out the new Toys R Us outlet in Tropicana City Mall yesterday (Sunday). Since the mall is still new and just opened for 1 and half months, the parking is still free... Ye'ay.

Toys 'R' Us  in Tropicana City Mall is located on the 2nd floor.

I think Toys 'R' Us in Subang Parade is way bigger than in Tropicana City. 

Once we entered Toys 'R' Us, we let Lil Guwapo walked and looked around just to see what he's interested with.

The first thing Lil Guwapo saw was the MEGA BLOKS and he wouldn't wanna let go of it. But the thing is he has 2 sets of mega bloks at home and i would love if he picked something else. So we walked aisle to aisle (avoiding the Little Pony and Barbie aisle), showing him Thomas and Friends (he showed no interest), Ben 10 (he holds and put it back), Little Einsteins Coloring Book (not interested), Drum Set (shows interest but Pogi won't allow him playing drums).

In the end, we showed him some remote control cars and trucks (he loves trucks!). First thing he grabbed was the Fire Engine Truck with remote control. I wanted to show him some other trucks but he insisted on holding on to the fire engine truck... aish!!!

Pogi checking the Fire Engine Truck after Lil Guwapo took it off the shelf!
Yup, he took it himself!

convincing Papa Pogi to buy the fire engine truck!

Papa Pogi still trying to get him other things, 
and Lil Guwapo is still holding on to the fire engine truck.

ni, ni, ni.

"no way i'm gonna put this back to the shelf"

"i'm gonna put this on my stroller, momma start pushing to the cashier counter"

"come on momma, push the stroller!"

pogi looking for more stuff to buy for Lil Guwapo,
while momma said "Enuff Enuff!"

holding to Ben 10 figurines, but he put back on the shelf!!!

In the end, we decided to bought him the Fire Engine Truck cos that's the one he's been holding on to!

We paid, using Maybank Visa Debit (very convenient!), and went to Carrefour on the lower ground floor to buy some groceries. Again we paid using Maybank Visa Debit (forgot to go ATM to withdraw money and in my pocket only have RM10!).

When we came out of Carrefour, Lil Guwapo fell asleep. It was 5pm and i suggested to Pogi to have a drink and snacks before going home (cos i know once we lifted Lil Guwapo into his car seat, he'll sure to wake up!).

We headed up to Starbucks located on the ground floor. We walked in went to the pastry counter, Pogi ordered Shepherd's Pie and i ordered Marble Cheesecake and when we reached the paying counter, i remembered that i don't have CASH! I asked Pogi and he has only RM28 in his pocket.... hahahaha... 


We don't have credit cards (we don't like to hutang) and at the same time the card machine at Starbucks was temporarily out of order. 

I stopped the staff to serve me the cheesecake and informed them that we're afraid that we don't have enuff cash to pay the pie and the cake. I took out my RM10 and Pogi took out his RM28 and i showed to the staff i only have "this" much to pay the pie and the cheesecake and have to include a drink that we both can drink and enjoy our snacks. (I did asked them where's the nearest ATM Machine and sad to say that there's NO ATM MACHINE AVAILABLE in Tropicana City). The staff even whispered to me softly, telling me to tell my friends not to go to Tropicana City Mall!!! Hahahaha.... either that or bring enuff CASH. 

Back to our order, the staff said the pie and the cheesecake cost RM17 and if we include a LARGE Latte Drinks (which can make into 2 cups!), the total will be RM29. Paid him and after giving my change, one of the staff told me, not to worry cos i'm not the first customer who has no cash to pay the drinks. Some even told the staffs that they will come back and pay but in fact they DON'T!!!! They took the drinks, promised to pay and they left!!! Hmmm... what an experience!!!

Enjoying our snack time!

Couldn't stop laughing at what just happened!!!

Starbucks snack time meal which costs us RM30!!!

After 1 hour hanging out at Starbucks, Lil Guwapo woke up! And we went home! 

After reaching home, Pogi forgot to remind me that we supposed to go to ATM to withdraw some money.... aiyak... forgot again!!!!!

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toughcookie said...

bestnye you takde credit card... very disciplined!

i dah biasa ada cc just in case ada emergency konon... tapi thank god pengalaman masa 'muda2' dulu buat i always pay in full every month. i don't need to use a cc anymore actually tapi tu la macam kes you kat starbucks tu... at least ada credit card tak susah kan hehe. therefore, i still hold on to sekeping :D

tensionnya takde atm. next time if i go to tropicana city i shall make sure to remember this fact. thanks for sharing this info.


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