Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Then there were so many Air Liur in Single Ladies

I've been practicing the song Single Ladies by Beyonce since 1 week ago. So last night i gave it a try singing in public (on stage lar).

LOL.... it was a mess. The song is wayyyyyyyy tooo fast that i didn't have time nk telan ayaq liuq yang terkumpul in my mouth kui kui kui

I ended up mumbling most of the time hahaha

I saw this video of Beyonce practicing the song. No wonder lar dia nyanyi takdak air liuq terkumpul sebab back-up singers dia helped her so much... TAK ACIIIII....  Nampaknya, i've to ask help from Seri & Pogi lorh... hahahaha

But hey, practice makes perfect. So i'm gonna keep on trying again today.

check out more videos from me here.

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