Sunday, February 1, 2009

KL yg cuti, PJ buat cover charge? What The *TOOT*

Last night when we came back home from work, Pogi invited me to go out! Konon mcm 'dating' lar. I, of course said YES. 

So we planned to go to Borneo Rainforest Sunway, not to have dinner instead we want to go drinking and watch the live band.

I was so excited and looking forward to tonights dating session.

(if its tonight, NOW is already night, 2037hours, and wtf am i doing writing this post when im supposed to be at Borneo!.... )

6 hours earlier.... 

Pogi called one of his friend, a filipino guy, who's working at Borneo, just nak tau if he's working tonight or not. He said YES. And Pogi asked ada cover charge or not? He said YES. And he tried to talked to this particular friend to help bring us in without paying, but he said he can't do that!

I told Pogi, kalau nk kena bayar cover charge RM25 sorang, tak payah lar. Kita dok rumah, layan marathon Prison Break Season 4 lagi besh. 

Jangan plak y'all ingat i ni kedekut nk bayar RM25 sorang semata-mata pasal nak masuk kelab malam. 

Sebab kalau dipikir balik, aku memang dah keje kelab malam. Perempuan kabaret (kalau zaman P.Ramlee dolu2 panggil gelaran pompuan yg keje kelab malam!).

Yang peliknya, esok is KL day (public holiday), tapi kenapa Borneo yg terletak di kawasan PJ tu nk buat cover charge? Tak paham... bak kata Jericho, "depa nk beli ferrari tu pasai depa buat cover charge." Chait....

Jadik, i'm not that excited to go to a club, pay RM25 per pax, which i'm not sure whether i'm gonna be enjoying the night or not (i'm sure i'll enjoy cos i heard the band is good, in fact, the guitarist were my ex-band members).

I feel that if i want to spend quality time (mcm dating lorh), with Pogi, it's nice to just be on our couch at home, cuddled and watch TV (as if... Pogi watching TV? I don't think so lar)...

Itu jer lar... now we're stuck at home.
Pogi is stuck with his
Lil Guwapo watching his Little Einstein DVD.
And me? 
After this post, i'll make myself a toasted smoked chicken sandwich, dok depan tv, layan Little Einstein with Lil Guwapo!


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toughcookie said...

i so agree with you on spending time with your loved ones... dok rumah lagi syok. laki i pulak tu memang jenis suka dok rumah... kalau takde baby, i sure tension hehe... nasib baik ada baby. memang lebih senang and seronok spend time on your couch at home lepak buat apa you suka.


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