Friday, February 6, 2009

One (1), Two (2), Three!

Lil Guwapo gonna be 3 years old next month... ye'ay!

At the moment, Pogi and I have been discussing what to do for his birthday. Lil Guwapo's birthday falls on Saturday, and since we will be working on Saturday, we decided to do any party or dinner (which ever we decide to do) the following day!

a little update on my precious lil guwapo :-
  1. still don't speak fluently yet
  2. favourite word - NO and OWH NO !
  3. owh ya... another favourite word is KITE
  4. love watching Little Einsteins on Playhouse Disney Channel every 10:30 in the morning 
  5. and loves watching Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network everyday at 6:30pm
  6. loves cleaning the house (can't see the broom or the mop). Pernah 1 time pegi Tesco, he saw the broom, crying for it. So i gave him the broom and he was so happy he cleaned the floor of Tesco!!! sampaikan celah2 aisle pun dia sapu! Belasah jer la sayang oi!
  7. potty training in progress (tapi masih lagi poo-poo hiding bawah meja makan or celah2 sofa)
  8. memandangkan still potty training, he's still using diaper (haiya, cepat lar sikit belajar poo-poo sayang wei, tak yah lar mama beli diaper lagi!)
  9. still drinking Dutch Lady 123 milk in bottle
  10. love to eat bread and Lady's Choice Peanut Butter & Choco
  11. will eat rice ONLY with soup (everyday i kena masak sup, and just imagine he said SOUP SOUP SOUP... soooo cute!)
  12. don't like flavoured drinks except MILO ICE, kalau tak de MILO ICE, ICE WATER jer dia belasah
  13. love taking pictures with mama or papa (mat enter frame!), tapi tak suka amik gambar solo
  14. knows how to operate the DVD player (to watch Little Einstein on DVD plak bila habis kt Playhouse Disney Channel!)
  15. knows how to draw albert (his favourite dog) - check out the picture!
  16. loves taking picture using my Nokia E66 phone - check out the picture again!
  17. every 6pm must do gomoi2 session on my bed (apa itu gomoi2? it's wrestling + kissing + rolling left & right on the bed!!!)

lil guwapo's favourite dish - SOUP!

mat enter frame with Papa

mat enter frame with Mama

can u see ALBERT (his favourite dog?)

Albert & Lil Guwapo watching TV

taking picture of Atok relaxing!

a picture of Nenek watching SPA Q 
(she always curse SPA Q 2  is stupid tv series 
and yet she still hooked on it... hmmm)

I guess itu saje list of updates on my lil guwapo.... :)

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