Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little Guapo's birthday!

My son, Little Guapo will be turning 2 years old on 7th March 2008. Pogi and I had planned to do his 2nd birthday party. 1st plan was to call caterer and do it in Aman Suria but then i changed my mind cos like last year we did his 1st party, it was Sunday and very hot! So this time i still have no idea where to do his bday party. Yesterday alone, my lil sis asked "where are you gonna do the party?". Then at night Nabil plak tanya the same question! Hmmm... now my head betul2 dah pening thinking where's a good place to do his party? I told Big Momma to check out One Utama Kizsport. I told her to check cos she always go to One Utama.

So now the plan for his birthday will be 16th March.

Venue? Still searching.

Do you have any suggestions?

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