Thursday, February 25, 2010

surprised visit from Canada

My sister airin were back for holiday 2 weeks ago. They were staying with my other sister and her house is in KL, i barely get to see them. The last time i saw Airin was 3 years ago. Lucky me, i get 2 days off during the weekend, and i think i spent well with them last week.

They’ll be going back to Canada on Sunday (tmrw 21st February). And tonight we’ll be having a bbq farewell party with the whole family!

But i was surprised to see they came last night to visit me at work. The place were crowded. I can see Aidan & Dylan open mouthed thruout the whole time i was on stage. LOL

Most important – i can see they enjoyed the night!

100_2694 Aidan, me, Dylan, Airin, James & Ailin!

100_2695 it was fun fun fun! 100_2696 aidan & dylan took over the stage with their dance moves!100_2697 aidan still malu2 but Dylan hantam aje! 100_2698 never wana get off the stage….100_2699 kecik2 dah ajar gi disko!100_2700 my nephews enjoying themselves!100_2701 mak & anak!100_2702layan nari arrr…

100_2715white shirt + tie from Times Square, Red skirt bought 6 years ago, gloves from i-socks times square, heels from shoezobsession in Sunway Pyramid 100_2724 checking my outfit100_2730 love my shoes!

Another story…..i was so happy when i jalan2 at summit on Thursday and get to buy CSL Silicon Casing in Yellow…. Yeay!

100_2735 my favourite! 100_2736

Now i feel my life is complete! ;P


toughcookie said...

ohmygod... i love everything you wrote in this post. gambar you pun semuanya lawa. i love the photos you have of airin (she looks so different now!), i love your red skirt, i [absolutely] love your shoes and i love how funky your blueberry looks!! haha.... best best best.

Skutik said...

toughcookie - hehe... Airin's a gym instructor. She has to look amazing! If not, orang yg gi gym takde semangat... haha.... btw, it's nice to catch up with u masa kt party fadzil last saturday! U look great as always!


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