Friday, October 31, 2008

Today I got 'meself' a brand new mobile for 'me' early birthday present

Nokia E66

Hik hik....

Didn't plan to get a new mobile phone today.
Was planning to buy on me birthday, that's in December.
But since i've broken the stylus for my Sony Ericsson P1i, i just hafta have a new mobile phone.
And i have always been a big fan of Nokia phone!

What i did was, went to the place where Pogi bought his brand new mobile phone (that was 3 weeks ago!), and told the man that i need a phone that has everything in it, and most important, the housing or shall i say the 'skin', doesn't come out (yup, i've used Nokia N76 red color end of 2007, and after 3 months, the red skin started to peeled off!)

My choices were Nokia E66, N82 and N96. 

Wanna buy N82, but the 'china man' said - the skin will peeled off (that if ur son or child play with the phone!)

Want N96, 'china man' said - NOPE. Software still got problem.

So i ended taking E66.

What i like about the phone....
  1. very user friendly (keypad navigation)
  2. screen can rotate if we turn the phone left or right (but i didn't try to rotate it upside down yet)
  3. GPS (i can even check out Philippines babe... maybe tomorrow i'll check out Canada, the place where my sister is staying :p )
  4. WI-FI - very fast. Tried and tested on FB. Although the screen is small but its ok!
  5. Video - 3MP and very clear and loud video (guarantee lepas ni berlambak-lambak video aku amik bila gi karaoke nnti!)
  6. Still Pictures Camera - again, very clear (although the night picture taking not that clear but what the heck, i can use Pogi's phone which is 5mp to take pictures)
  7. MP3 - loud speaker.
  8. WHITE color - no other choice, if got yellow color sure i take yellow.
  9. Body - guaranteed by the 'china man' that the skin won't come out! hahaha... kalau tanggal siap ko nnti.
  10. Because the salesman is very good.
and i even bought the stylus for my P1i (sold to Asu Baby already!)

came back home, took a picture of Lil Guwapo and Albert d dog.... (with Pogi at the background taking his afternoon nap!)

Ini si pangit or guwapo??

It's already 2:30 in the morning and at the moment, my brand new mobile phone is charging for the next 8 hours (1st time using)... and by the time i wake up tomorrow morning, i'll be stuck with my phone again!

Good nyt peeps!

And happy advance birthday to 'meself' :D


toughcookie said...

congrats on a good buy. that was the phone i wanted until hubby persuaded another one for the 5mp camera *sob sob*...

cantek e66. very cantek.

Heart of a Hunter said...

Juan babe....

memang phone E66 very cun.... :P

well i think N82 is nice too sebab dia nyer camera 5mp! This E66 bila amik gambar at night (with not enuff lighting), the picture ada blur sikit!


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