Saturday, October 18, 2008

"New color again???"

the night before coloring my hair..... 


..... "i wonder what color is nice?"
"Purple base, highlight Red? or Red base, highlight Yellow? or Brown base, highlight Red? 
or PINK? (but i hate pink!)"
so back to...
"Purple base, highlight Red? or Red base, highlight Yellow? or Brown base, highlight Red? 

"I KNOW! I think i'll do Brown highlight Red 1st..." 
"if it's not nice, i can always color again the following week".....

after much think think think.......
the next day i went to Minx Salon in Sungei Wang Plaza, 6th Floor at 11 in the morning!
after giving the hairstylist a super shocking surprise with my hair color decision, 
these are the result....

(wooi kuatnya aura ku!)

Konon cam muka innocent lar tu!!! kekekeke....

Back to the post topic.... "New color again???", that was what came out from Pogi's mouth when i told him i want to color my hair!

"Of course!"
"I have to have new looks every month (if possible), no matter where i work!".....

.... t'was my answer to Pogi when i told him i want to color my hair.... 

he told me "darling, no need to color your hair. The place we work now no need to be so cantik!" 


to Pogi dahling.... 

"i think i need to change my appearance every now and then, no matter where we work!  Be it a nice hotel, or just a pub, i think i have to always update my looks!"

When it comes to girls or women, they have different ways of changing their appearance. 
  1. Some girls/women buy new shoes, 
  2. some like to buy new pants, 
  3. some like to add more tattoos (i wish i could!), 
  4. some like to pierce (can i pierce my lower lips?), 
  5. some like to buy dress, 
  6. some go to gym - no offense to Sis Airin in Canada.... (trying hard to be like Madonna, dah tua kerepot pun masih nk bermuscle2 pastu nampak cam tua  very the tua sangat - that's what i think!), 
  7. some loveeeee to buy new handphone every six month (that's me lar :p ) [apa kena-mengena pasal beli handphone baru and changing appearance?], 
  8. AND for me the easiest and fastest way to change how i look is by changing my hairstyle... 
  9. AND i love visiting hair salon 
  10. AND i love to cut my hair too but i've made a promise not to cut my hair till 2010 (konon nak simpan rambut macam MILEY CYRUS), 
  11. so COLORING HAIR is all i CAN do at the salon (somehow i love making the hairstylist rich!).....

Pogi and me! 

I'm quite satisfied with the red color but every time i took a shower, the color seems to be coming out and when i dry my hair, there are red color stain on the towel (not, i repeat NOT PERIOD ok!) .... :(

When that happens, i knew the red highlight won't last longer than a month (even though i spent almost RM300 buying color save shampoo & conditioner & a new flat iron & flat iron serum right after i colored my hair!)

So i think if the red color comes out, i'll go again to the salon and color again! 

And the process repeat again from THINK THINK THINK.....

Hahahaha.... i'm very sleepy and i don't even know apa yang aku merapu ni!!! 
Marang kerapu kepunder marang skeper.... kroh kroh kroh... goodnyt!

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