Friday, October 10, 2008

Makeup Routine

For 9 years i've been a full-time professional singer and my makeup routine has always been the same.... 

I need approximately 1 hour to prepare myself for work.

The first 15 minutes is to spend in the bathroom, taking shower, brushing teeth, flossing, Listerine gargle, putting on contact lenses, applying full body butter and finally applying deodorant before i stepped out to sit in front of my vanity mirror.

Once seated, this is how i look like....

Natural fresh face....

And after taking pictures of my makeover, i noticed that i just need 10 steps to change myself in full makeup!

So today, i'm gonna show u what i did OR shall i say, how i prepare myself almost everynight, before going to work.....

The 1st step :
is to apply face moisturiser.... 

Since i wear lots of make up everynight, i hafta use a lot of moisturiser.... and i've been using Nivea Whitening Treatment Cream since forever....

Still the same look as before, except with face moisturiser. Still look ugly....

Step 2:
Applying Foundation, Concealer & Face Powder

I'm using MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35, using foundation brush and fixed with latex sponge....
Then apply concealer (Maybelline) under eye.... followed by face powder by MAC Studio Fix NC35.

Step 3:
Fixing Eyebrows and EyeLiner.

I'm using brown color eyebrow pencil i found on the toilet floor (which is still new and wrapped with plastic), which toilet i couldn't recall....
Eyeliner by Silky Girl in Black.

Step 4:

I love doing smoky eyes but since yesterday our uniform is pink and blue jeans, i use pink eyeshadow by Elianto which cost me only RM5.

Step 5:
2nd Eyeshadow color

2nd color of eyeshadow is dark blue.... 

Step 6:
Glitter Eyeliner and Mascara

After applying all the eyeshadow, its time to apply black eyeliner + glitter eyeliner (from BodyShop) and Mascara (korean product cost RM48).

Step 7:
Blusher and Lipstick

Lastly i put on blusher (by Elianto) and lipstick (Twig by MAC mixed with lip glass).

Step 8:

Step 9:
Final check of makeup....

Blowdry Hair + Hair Serum!

If i'm too lazy to blowdry my hair, i'll just put on a cap!

As u all noticed that i only use MAC product for my face foundation, powder and lipstick only! I believe that i don't need to use an expensive eyeshadow/blusher/mascara/eyeliner cos i need to use it everynight for about 3-4 hours max... then i'll clean the face.... rasa cam rugi jer....


So basically these are the 10 steps i go thru everynight before going to work... for 9 years!!! Phew... 

Sometimes i felt really2 bored going thru the same routine, but i can't change it cos i need to look good on stage!

But once i've done my makeover, i felt good and always ready to go to work... the work that i have been enjoying doing since the last 9 years!

This 1st December will be my 9th year anniversary for my singing career.... !!! 

And this December will also be my 8th year knowing my love Pogi.... and also our 4th year Wedding Anniversary and not forgetting my 33rd Birthday.... wow... looks like December is the mother of all the month in a year for me!!! hahahaha.... (apa yg aku merepek ni???)

Looks like December is a very very important month for me, so i decided i really need to get a good present for myself.... cewahhhhhh..... (itu sumer alasan nk beli handpon baru lar tu.... wakakakaka...)


toughcookie said...

ahhh... best best... i suka makeover step-by-step ni. i paling tak pandai pakai eyeliner kat bawah mata but always wanted to do cos it makes the eye open up.

thanks for sharing. i too wear MAC foundation and powder. they're really good.

darling.. kalau you ada time, try la foundation by giorgio armani. i heard it's good but i never tried it cos it's much more costly. and since i don't wear makeup that often, no reason for me to buy la kan.

Heart of a Hunter said...

Hehehe... thanks for enjoying my step by step makeover... itu lar my routine everynyt.... bosan dah!!! kekadang tu kalau dah bosan terlampau bosan, i put all the colors on my eye... buat mcm rainbow... tapi itu bila byk masa lar... :p

Giorgio Armani foundation ya??? i heard about them also... maybe i'll try it out!

Tapi i'm still looking for the best mascara... byk mascara in the market claimed to be the longest lar, the curvier lar... tapi sumer hampeh... ni mascara from korea i try now... ok lar... murah pun murah!

Nurulhuda Abdul Manaf said...

hye nina.... luv it yank!! i loikeee!! nnt wat makup mata color lain plak yer... muaahhh...<3


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