Monday, October 20, 2008

"Stylus" no style

:(   My handphone Sony Ericsson's P1i stylus has finally broken yesterday.

When i bought the phone 6 months ago, the 1st stylus was broken after 3 months using. Then yesterday, the 2nd one (spare!), broken also... haiya.... like this how am i going to navigate my phone now??? 

One thing about Sony Ericsson P1i's weakness is the keypad. The keypad is like a PC keyboard. But the alphabets on the keypads, shared on 1 key. Example key 1 has E and R. Key 4 has D and F. So when u want to press letter E, u have to press key 1 to the left, and letter F, press key 4 to the right.... see.... u must be confused too.... What more i have long nails and pressing the small key is hard.... so i rely fully with the stylus.

Luckily Pogi bought a new handphone on Saturday and he has a spare mobile that he doesn't use. So now i'm using the other phone which is also Sony Ericsson (Cybershot K550i) .... this will be my temporary phone only.... until i get a new stylus for my P1i.... or maybe until i get a new mobile phone.... 

Time will tell.... just wait!!!

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