Thursday, October 9, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

I know it's kinda late to wish Selamat Hari Raya but "they" always say, Hari Raya is a one month celebration.... hentam jer la labu!!!

Eve of Hari Raya we worked till 12 midnight (as usual!). Seri already took her day off till Thursday. She went back to Penang to celebrate Raya with her family. Abg Joe replaced her for 3 days. And we will be off only on 1st day of Raya. Andy will be working (cos his kampung is in Kuching!)

Our Raya celebration on the 1st of October was tiring. Woke up early, went to Aman. The guys, Dad, Pogi and Eddie went for sembahyang pagi raya at 8am. Asu and family were in Kedah, Sam's hometown for a week. Morning of raya, helped mom cooked the sayur lodeh and ayam masak opor. She prepared the ketupat nasik, rendang daging and kuah kacang the night before.

After the guys came back from sembahyang, we did our "traditional beraya" moment. As usual, mum always cried and when she cried, all of us daughters will start crying too... 

We did our routine of going around in a circle, salam and asking for forgiveness and collecting duit raya (for Lil Guwapo) and giving duit raya (for Dad, Mum and Eddie). 

Once forgiven and all, we had our Raya Big Breakfast with all the delicious Mum's cooking! 

Then..... we started our relatives house visiting routine. First house was Mak Uda and Pak Uda's (Dad's sister and bro-in-law) house in SS3. Had Soto Ayam. 

And then, we drove to Sekinchan. The journey usually took only 1 hour but because of 2 stupid traffic lights that made us wait for 20 minutes at each stop, there was a delay for more than 45 minutes. After Tg. Karang town, the traffic was smooth. Lil Guwapo slept all the way from Federal Highway till we reached Sekinchan. We head straight to Adik's house. She did some weird rendang and gulai. Rendang Lidah lembu.... eerkkk... sorry lar aku nak makan.... Then Gulai Daging but got limpa, hempedu and those parts of cow that i don't eat. Ended up we just makan kek lapis....

Lepas dah puas makan, gave out duit raya and salam-salam, we went to Ana's house. Maksu (mum's sister) cooked Rendang Ayam, Gulai Daging, just to name a few. 

After makan-makan, salam and gave out duit raya, mum and dad decided to go to Maksu's (Dad's sister) house. So we drove back all the way from Sekinchan to Port Klang. Reached Maksu's house around 6:30pm. I was really tired that i barely open my eyes when i drove. Luckily Pogi was sitting next to me to chat. I would have fallen asleep if i drove alone.

After makan-makan and salam (no giving out duit raya cos Maksu's anak all big already!), we went home. 

Reached home at around 9pm. Rested a while and then went home straight cos Lil Guwapo looked tired.....

Hmmm... that's how we celebrated our raya.... every year!

1 thing that i changed this year was.... i controlled my food intake :P ..... must control.... sudah gemuk ni.... hehehe....

This year no Raya Photos cos Lil Guwapo played with my digital camera and it's already broken!!! huhuhu....

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