Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did i have a blast on my birthday yesterday?


Don't get me wrong.
The word blast here is meant to be for my water bag! LOL.

On 30th November 2010, i went for my weekly pregnancy checkup at the clinic, and the nurses said i'm already 37 weeks and 3 days. Maknanya, i can beranak already. They were actually teasing me that maybe after midnight i'll give birth. So i told them, if it's true, then it's good cos it's my birthday on the 1st December.

Most of my frens and families started praying that i'll give birth yesterday.

UNFORTUNATELY it didn't happen, i guess it's not time YET!

Well, how did i celebrate my birthday? DID NOTHING! Cos i was basically waiting whether my water bag gonna break or not! :D

So i guess, today we'll be going out to have some nice lunch somewhere! Hmmmm... let's see where should i go and have lunch!

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