Friday, March 20, 2009

The Night I Was Sick and A MAN CRIED

I've been sick (coughing and colds and slight fever since Tuesday).

I just came back from work. Work like normal (my kind of work got no MC oneee!).

Surprisingly, even though i'm coughing, i still can sing! It's just my body was weak. Took meds, had rest during the day!

Last night, my sickness getting worst than the other 2 nights (Tuesday & Wednesday). I checked my temperature, it was 38.5. Panas tu!

But i'm the type yang bila step on the stage jer, sumer sickness go away! (but i think people still know i'm sick cos i wear jacket the whole night and on 1 hand holding tissue).

We sang, we danced like normal. The best part was i had to sing the song by Mayang Sari, TIADA LAGI on our last set. There were a few tables of people drinking and chatting. When i started singing, there's this one MAN showing me THUMBS UP! Ok... i continued singing the song and was wiping off my teary eyes (the heat from the body fever!)... so if people look at me, they will think that i was crying! Boohoohoo.... 

i did act a bit, overacting a bit! hahaha... konon-konon menjiwai the song Tiada Lagi lar... chait! And towards the end of the song, i saw the man who gave me the THUMBS UP was CRYING.... His nose was red, he's wiping out his tears with tissue... and the friends were consoling him! MAN... i never experienced before singing a song and made someone cry! This is amazing.... hahahaha... macam boleh masuk B'Tru Band Book Of Records arrr!!! hahahaha :)

The next song we sang, he was still crying and i get the chance to go up to him and asked him why he cried. He was telling me he had a problem with his wife! Hmmm... no wonder la dia sedih semacam... 

We finished 12:30am, and i'm still sick and kinda happy that a man cried thru my singing!!! Jahat aku ni... hihihihihi!!!

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