Tuesday, March 17, 2009

itchy and scratchy

When i was young i love to watch the Simpsons cartoon.  I love Bart Simpsons the most. And Marge Simpson's hair (her hair is similar to Amy Winehouse's hair, ngahahaha)

The best part about The Simpsons cartoon was the cartoon channel that Bart & Lisa love to watch. It's like Tom & Jerry but it's called itchy and scratchy!

Actually i bukannya nak cakap pasal itchy and scratchy cartoon tu (although i have to admit that they are so violent and brutal, and i always wonder why this Homer & Marge let Bart & Lisa watch them!!! hmmmm....)

The main story of this post is that I actually wanna talk about itchy and scratchy on my palm. Both palms. Seriously. 

On Saturday i had started scratching on my right palm.
On Sunday, both palms.
On Monday, surprisingly, on my hips (the palms no itchy, ye'ay)
On Tuesday, back to scratching on my right palm.

So what's the story? I don't know.

When i told people that i've been scratching my palms, some said i'm getting money, some said i'm gonna slap someone.... BUT..... i'm very dissappointed cos none came true. Not getting money and not slapping anyone (oooh... i'd love to slapppp someone!!! hahahaha)....

and i have to say that i really missed the show of ITCHY and SCRATCHY on The Simpsons (can't let Lil Guwapo watch Simpsons yet.... it's too violent!).... hahahaha

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