Friday, March 6, 2009

i was just asking....

Went to work last night empty stomach.

On the way to work thought of dropping by McDonald's drive-thru next to the Sunway toll plaza but instead, i drove straight to work.

Reached the pub at 9:10 and saw *Busu and thought that i could ask a little tiny bowl of porridge which was in the buffet served ONLY for the staff.... 

hei what am i? am i not a staff?

Busu heard me but pretended to do something urgent that he lifted his face to look at me and bend down again continuing what he was doing!

There was a chef next to him, and the chef heard me very clearly that i'm hungry and asking for food, but Busu ignored him.


Started my 1st set... and after 45 minutes, i asked from Busu again, is there any food i can eat (yes i do get food allowance but thought of saving it to order takeaway like i always did!).

Busu said, why don't you order bun and egg and make it like Egg Benjo!!! WTF. 

Ok... that's not what i want cause i know they have the buffet for the staff, thought that maybe Busu will change his mind and tell me that "ok, go ahead and take the buffet sikit!".

I still didn't order anything during the 1st break. Thought that i can tahan.

2nd set, still empty stomach. But by the time the set finished, i really really cannot tahan that i ordered for Fried Kuey Teow. 

I was damn angry that, everytime we ordered for takeaway, the food came after 5 minutes ordering. But last night, when i was damn HUNGRY (almost shaking the whole body dah!),  i waited for 20 minutes......

I was so pissed off of waiting so long that i tried 1 last time to beg from Busu if he allow me to take the food from the buffet. 

Me - "err... Busu, pergi lar check kot-kot ada leftover from the buffet tu, bawak la mai sini! Lapar ni"

(just imagine when he said amik lah amik lah amik lah, he was walking away from me, and doesn't look me in the eye, swinging his hand to me to take the food!") in short, "Tak Ikhlas"!!!

Sorry lar Busu, aku bukannya kemaruk sangat nk makan mentekadarah!!! In the end, my fried kuey teow came, and i only ate half plate jer....  

I was hungry but doesn't mean i will eat the whole buffet line!!!

I was just asking for a small bowl of porridge!!! 

*not the real name!

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