Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kyle XY no pusat?

but he's not KYLE XY... he's just KYLE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my LIL GUWAPO who's turning 3 today!

here are some photos of Lil Guwapo since birth!

Born in Assunta Hospital PJ
7 March 2006

1 day old!
still in the hospital

2 months!
in Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL

little hand
at 2 months old!
in Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL

the small feet at 2months old

9 months old and already walking!
in Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL

12 months

18 months

20 months

24 months

And now let's enjoy some photos of pangit Kyle at 36 months (3 years old).

p/s - we never let him eat ice-cream or anything sweet until recently when he already know how to choose the JUNK food everytime we went to the grocery store!!!


momma! see my face! 
i look so pangit like an unggoy!!! 

Well... pangit or guwapo, momma lurve you so so much!

We're gonna do the celebration on Sunday! 
It's just gonna be a family dinner in Bagan Seafood Port Klang 
(lurve the honey squid!)

And a special surprise cupcake order, 
which i'm so so excited to see it on Sunday!!! woohoo!

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