Saturday, March 7, 2009

Paddington House Of Pancakes - PHOP

We were scheduled to do our grocery shopping yesterday. As usual, we always shop in Tesco Damansara (it's the nearest to our house).

Went out in the afternoon, parked at Tesco and went to the Curve for lunch first before we do our shopping. 

We've tried almost (almost ok!) all the restaurants and cafe at the Curve. We thought of going to Warong Penyet but it was full house. 

And then we saw PHOP restaurant opposite Warong Penyet. And there's so many available seats with a promotion of Set Lunch priced at RM13.80++.

So we decided to give it a try!

waiting for our food!

i'm still waiting!

here comes the drinks....
as you can see from the menu, 
the set lunch is called Around-The-World,
 main course plus free drinks and free dessert...

Pogi ordered Tokyo Meal
it's grill chicken with not sure what sauce
and the vege salad wrapped in a pancake.
Ala-Carte price for this meal is RM18++

It was really funny that when the waiters (i think they are from Myanmar) came to send the food, they were holding the plate with a blue cloth.... i heard the guy said to Pogi "be careful, plate is hot!" but i guess Pogi didn't hear him that when he pulled the plate to him, the plate was damn hot!!! hahahaha.... kesian dahling! 

hope ur hand is okay after holding that hot plate!!!

hmmm... let me try the food ok!

yum, the food tastes great but it's not hot?
why is the plate hot but the food's not?

my order - Mexico Meal
it's not-that-spicy minced beef wrapped in pancake
(looks like murtabak!)
also very yummy and very hot the plate!

We were hungry that we ate and ate and ate, trying to finish our meal. After finished, i told Pogi "hey let's go now! i'm totally full and i need to stand up or walk!" 

I called for the bill and the waiter came and said, "excuse ma'am, but we didn't serve you the dessert yet!".... and i said "aiyak! got dessert ah? ok ok bring it out now now!"

the dessert was called mini dollar pancake sundae. What's with the dollar? They actually put a 50 cents coin sized pancake in the ice-cream!!! DOUBLE YUMMY!!!!

when the sundae came, the bill came too!

delicious mini dollar pancake sundae

we finished our sundaes, paid the bills and left quickly.... very very damn full! My stomach exploding dah!!!!

Luckily we tried PHOP.... the food was great! Will definitely go again!!!

p/s - Lil guwapo was left behind with his granma! 


Honey A. Fuad.... said...

wowwww.... nampak sedap!!! sedap ke??? price camne ok ke???


Heart of a Hunter said...

tapi pricey sikit lar!
aku pi time lunch hour so worth it jugak arr!


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