Monday, March 9, 2009

it's YOUR mistake, not MINE... DUH!!!

a week ago, i decided to order cupcakes to celebrate Lil Guwapo's birthday.

I wanted to order a custom-made cupcakes for his special day.

I came across this website called myrascupcakes on blogspot from Emmagem's Malaysia's Online Cupcake store directory!

there was so many online cupcake store to choose from but after seeing one after another after another, i decided to call myrascupcakes.

this was all how my conversation on the phone was:-

me - "hello wati, if i wanna order custom-made cupcakes for my son, can u do it?" "i want a cartoon character that my son really loves - it's called the little einsteins, there's 4 characters and 1 rocket and i want all of them to be on the cupcakes" " can u do it?"

wati from myrascupcakes - "errr... i'm not sure which one is little einsteins!" "but we have mickey mouse!"

me - "no wati, i want little einsteins"

wati - "ok, let me check on the internet 1st and i'll get back to you!"

me - "ok wati, you can just google for little einsteins on PHDC and you can get the picture already!"

wati - "ok ok!" "i'll get back to you!"

a few seconds later, we were sms-ing each other!

wati (on sms) - "puan, it's hard to handdrawn the 4 characters, what i can do is print the pictures, it's edible print! It'll cost you RM1.50 per picture and minimum 10 pix"

me (on sms) - "ok dear, just give me the breakdown on email and i'll confirm back!"

a few seconds later, we were emailing each other! 

wati (on email) - "ok puan, the costs are as follows, 25pcs of soufle medium size cupcakes RM65 plus 10pcs edible print characters - RM15, total RM80. Please bank in the amount into so on and so on!!! Once bank in, you can pick up the cupcakes either in Kelana Jaya or Bandar Utama!"

me (on email) - "ok"

the next day - Tuesday 

me (on email) - transfer money successful! "will let you know where to pick up the cupcakes on friday!"

wati (on email) - ok

3 days later - Friday

wati (on email) - "puan, have you decided where to pick up the cupcakes?"

me (still on email) - "err... i think i'll pick up in Kelana Jaya, cos i'm very much familiar with KJ than BU!"

wati (on email) - "ok! here are the address and the directions!!!"

me (on email) - after seeing the address "no problem, it's near to Sekolah CHOGM, i know where your place is!" "i'll come at 3pm on Sunday 8 March 2009!"

wati (on email) - "ok :)"

SUNDAY 8 March 2009, 1:30pm

me received an sms from WATI - "puan, can you please come earlier sikit, cos Wati got birthday party later and will be going out at 3pm!"

me replied - "ok!" (damn these people, luckily i'm not doing anything!)

2:10pm left the house with Pogi and Lil Guwapo (the father and son just came back from taking rides on the bus and train!), to Kelana Jaya house address as given by Wati to pick up the cakes.

2:30pm, i parked my car (it was near the old customs housing area!), went to ding-dong the bell, bagi salam so many times (under the hot sun), 

then the maid came to the door and i said, "saya datang nak collect cupcakes! (i'm here to collect the cupcakes!)",

the maid said "tunggu ya! (wait arr!)"

yes, i waited under the hot sun outside the house while the maid came out with a box in her hand asking me "mini cupcakes kan? (mini cupcakes right?)"

i was surprised and told her nicely "it's not mini cupcakes, it's the normal soufle cupcakes with little einsteins character on it!"

the maid went in again leaving me outside the house under the hot sun!!! WTF**&^%^&()_

i saw the maid knocking on the door calling for someone (you better call quick, cos i'm sweating like hell already!)

then a girl came out screaming to me from behind the curtains "you *Skutik right? You said you want to pick up the cupcakes from Bandar Utama? The cupcakes are not here!"

me replied nicely to her (still under the hot sun ok!) "no, i said i'm coming to pick up at Kelana Jaya cos i don't like the road to Bandar Utama on sundays! it's terrible jam on the way to One Utama, that's why i chose to pick up the cupcakes here in KJ!!!" "Then how would i know your address here in KJ if i said i wanna pick up in BU?" "and who are you anyways?"

she replied "i'm Izma! you told wati you want to pick up from BU!"

me replied again "NO!!! i emailed to Wati, i wanna pick it up at KJ! NOT Bandar Utama!"

she angrily said "masuk masuk dulu! i'll check the email!"

me geleng kepala sambil buka pintu gate and said in my heart "still tak percaya aku tu? still nk check email?" 

after masuk, i labuhkan pungkok on the sofa on the porch of the beautiful single storey house of myrascupcakes (after 10 minutes kena tunggu under the hot sun while Pogi and Lil Guwapo were still waiting in the car!).

then 2 minutes later, Izma came out and said NICELY (selepas kemaluan yg beliau telah tersilap!) "errr.... ya lar, but the cakes i sent to Wati in BU, err... why don't you wait here and i'll go and collect it!"

me geleng kepala again - "it's ok, i'm on the way there anyways, cos my house is in ******, so just let me know where to collect it?"

izma still insisted "NO! you wait here, i'll collect it!"

me geleng kepala again and again - "owh my dear, i can go and collect it, cos i'm on the way there, so just call Wati, and let me know where i can meet her!!!!"

izma calling Wati - "kt DU ok tak? masjid arrr?" "ok ok!"

izma telling me - "you know Masjid kt DU tu?"

me - "Duh... of course! Kat roundabout tu ke?"

izma - "yes yes!"

me - "ok... i'll go there now!"

izma calling wati again "ok... masjid DU!"

i then left the house, without hearing any sorry from IZMA for the miscommunication between her and Wati for their own mistakes!!!!!

i went in the car, drove to the mosque in DU, waited for another 15 minutes when suddenly Wati came and said "Sorry ya, banyak sangat order, my sister tersalah baca email!"

what i did was "took the cupcakes and SMILE!" and left!

kesimpulannya -
Izma, kalau ko buat silap, jangan jerit-jerit kat aku from behind the curtain and left me under the hot sun!!! at least invite me to come in the house and talk nicely!!! and i don't care kalau y'all banyak order... it's not my business.... what i know was i already send you email, stated clearly where and when to pick up the cupcakes.... dowh!!!

that night, during the celebration Lil Guwapo was so happy when he saw the cupcakes, he even said "EIN EIN!" (he can't pronounce Einstein!). I'm happy to see he's happy (dia tak tau mak dia kena tengking siang tadi!)

Little Einsteins cupcakes for Lil Guwapo

cute little einsteins cupcakes

everybody say awwww.....

come on say awwwww... it's so cute!

the rocket!

some balloons!

and some of the dishes we ordered at Bagan Seafood in Port Klang!

hmmm... the cakes was nicely done! 
BUT - it was DAMNNNNNNNNN sweet
And the cakes are not moist enough!

In my opinion, i think my sister Asu did more delicious cupcakes, 
dari segi rasa lar tapi dari segi gambaran nyer, hampeh!!! hahahah!

but hey... if i don't order from them 
online cupcakes store, 
i wouldn't know right? 
(trying to think positive!)
but what i know is 
i'm not gonna order 
from them myrascupcakes anymore lorh!!!!

*not the real name ok!

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Honey A. Fuad.... said...

betul tu!!! x payah lg order klu dh lyn customer camtu,senang2 je nk maki hamun... dh la manis sgt lepas tu cake berderai abis bersepah atas lantai!!!

to MYRASCUPCAKES... kalau nk cari rezeki tu biar betul2,jage hati customer tp klu camni cara ko layan customer sia2 je lah usaha tu n rezeki pun jadi x berkat!!!!


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