Wednesday, March 11, 2009

we successfully made the cream poof puff

Asu and me tried to do cream puff according to one of the recipes i got online.

we saw the recipes, printed them out, got all the ingredients and we start making them at 12 noon. after done mixing the ingredients, it's time to bake them... according to the recipe, we have to put em in the oven and waited for 15 minutes first and then have to bring down the temperature and waited for another 25 minutes.

so after the first 15 minutes, the cream puff looks like so....

cream puff or cream poof?

i told asu, maybe it's not time to get puffy yet.... let's wait another 25 minutes!!!!

tick-tock tick-tock ticky-ticky-tock.... after 25 minutes, it looks like.....

still the same!!!

it was supposed to be puffy and we're supposed to put the cream inside the puff.... but kalau dah leper macam gambar di atas, how to put the cream inside? hahahaha.... in the end we makan cicah dengan sambal ikan bilis.... yummy gak....

the taste sedap... cuma leper jer la silap nyer.... hmmm... still unsatisfied, we google again for another cream puff recipe.... saw a "Perfect Cream Puff" recipes online, wrote down the ingredients, and we did everything again from the scratch but this time hoping it'll be perfect!

the ingredients were a little bit different from the 1st recipe. we bake them same time as the 1st batch... and after 15 minutes..... 

ta-da !
now it looks puffy!

we're so satisfied, did the cream custard, and voila....

by the time these cream puffs were ready, 
i'm already full!

we finished baking at 7:30pm...
and it was time for me to get ready to work....
so i just took pictures,
tasted 2 of them...
gave 3 stars to Asu for successfully 
making the cream poof puff 
after 2nd try!!!

the cream poof finally became puff!!! 
kah kah kah!!!

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