Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

It's my son's favourite song. Everytime we jumped in the car, he'll always ask us to play song number 5 (the song is on cd burned by James and it's on number 5).

For the past 4 days, James and Kyle is in the Philippines. And that's how long i haven't listened to "Just The Way You Are"!

Somehow, i missed it now. When i drive my car, with my son next to me, and we both listen to the song repeatedly until i stop the car, at times i will complaint that my ears berdarah2 dgr lagu tuh dalam kereta. Tapi bila kali ni, 4 hari tak dengar the song, rasa rindu plak! To my son, my hubby and the song.

So, untuk mengubati rinduku, aku pun dengar lar lagu Bruno Mars itu di youtube!

Mari kita berhibur beramai-ramai!

Here's another song that Kyle loves soooo much. I love it too! A song by Nelly, and it's "JUST A DREAM"

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