Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kyle's 1st professional haircut

Selalunya either his nenek, or his father or me yang cut his hair short. Bila cut sendiri, biasalah, ada panjang, ada senget, ada pendek sebelah.

Everytime lalu depan kedai gunting rambut, when i told Kyle it's time for his haircut, he'll sure run away or making a lot of noise.

Entah macam mana, last Saturday, we were at Times Square and i told him i'm gonna bring him to cut his hair. He kept quiet and he said YES!
I was surprised. Not easy to make him say YES. After saying that he will look like his Abang Eddie and Papa will cut his hair also together-gether, baru lar Kyle said YES.

Sampai kt salon in Times Square, he sat down, the guy hairstylist dah almost ready to cut his hair, tetiba dia crying. Papa quickly said, u sit down still cos papa is also cutting hair, then he relaxed again!

Overall, during the cutting hair, Kyle behaved well. When i told him to close his eyes (cos cutting his front hair), he closed his eyes. When i told him to bend down his head, he did as i told.

When finished, the hairstylist put a little wax clay and make Kyle's hair looks like Beckham. I can see Kyle was happy! He looks different too! Heheh!

Muka toyeeee jer!

Still relax!

Papa memberi puji-pujian dan kata-kata semangat!

Sabar lagi!

Tadaaaaa... David Bekam!!!

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