Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kalau kena tahan POLIS?

Here's an info that i want to share with y'all....

Last night, balik keje, as usual, with James in the car, i dropped by near SMK Bandar Utama 1 to pick up my nephew yang gi melepak gathering with his friends. Since he's sleeping over my house, so i hafta pick him up....

It was around 1:20 in the morning.

Lepas amik dia, nak balik, depan sekolah tu ada 4 orang polis atas 4 biji motor. The road was dark, and no other cars around. As i started to make my way home, i overtake them, and i heard one of them honking me. I ignored, and i was driving slow, sebab sampai simpang and nak belok kiri. And then my nephew kata, they are still following behind us. I know, i saw. And after turning the junction, 1 of them drove next to me and asked me to stop.

So i stopped (as i remembered the incident where the police shoot the runaway driver that happened a few months back!).

I wind down my cermin, and asked them "APA SALAH SAYA?"

They asked for my ic and licence.

Licence i still ok, road tax i pun ok, we were all wearing seat belt, i was driving slow, my car is not tinted dark anymore, number plate pun still attached, so i was wondering WHY did they stopped me?

They asked for my hubby's ic and also my nephew's ic too.

We were still waiting in the car. And after a while, they gave back my licence, but they're still holding my ic. I asked for it, they asked me to step out the car. WTH?

I stepped out, James and my nephew pun kuar skali. And saw one of them was writing my details on a piece of paper. I asked what is this? Am i being summoned? For what? What did i do wrong? (hey, i have the right to know!)

One of them kept telling me, it's nothing. They're just taking my details. And i asked "FOR WHAT?".... they replied, "It's nothing, it's not saman!".... so i said "Then i'll have a police record lar camni?".... they said "No, it's just for their record!".... I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Then i took a peep on the paper while he's writing my details, it was "REKOD PEMERIKSAAN ORANG AWAM"....

So what does that say?
I was assuming, that's to show their bosses back at the station that they're doing their job. Hopefully!

After they took my details, as well as my nephew's and my hubby's, they let us go!

SO... what info i wanna share with you?
I just watched on Astro Awani, KES JENAYAH where they were talking about some criminals menyamar jadik polis, stopping civilians and then robbed them. And one of them said, HOW DO WE KNOW WHO'S WHO? WHICH IS THE REAL POLICE?

Here's how -
You can actually asked for their KAD KUASA.
Kalau pegawai - kad kuasa mereka kaler BIRU.
Kalau polis biasa2 - kad kuasa mereka kaler KUNING.

You CAN actually ASKED for them to show you the card. Not only SHOW, you can take it and read it! If they show u in one glance, they maybe MENYAMAR as police!


So the next time if i'm stopped by police again, lepas berhenti, the 1st thing i'm going to ask is for their kad kuasa!

Malam tadi bukannya 1st time i kena tahan.
Selalu sangat aku kena tahan bila balik from keje.

Airplanes - B.O.B ft Hayley Williams

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