Friday, December 11, 2009

"mama i wanna sing & dance"

In 3 months time, Kyle will be 4 years old.

Since working at concorde hotel, i seldom see him. In a week, i'll see him twice only. Yes... i've missed so much of his growing up since the past 3 months i work in Concorde.

Most of the time, my mum would update me with anything NEW that kyle came up with! Example - he likes to sing before sleep. He also likes to dance (like ballet/slow moving dance) before sleep. He likes to follow word by word whenever he heard anyone talking. All these happens without me around him.

At times i do missed a lot. But hey, i need to work. Papa needs to work too.

Here are some pictures taken during our off days. Most of the time we go watch new cartoon movies. This coming Monday, i'm gonna watch Princess and The Frog. I got a free ticket from GSC for my birthday. Yeyhay!

At Tropicana City Mall, having dinner.

A cartoonised picture of me using
Kodak Easy Share software!

Happy to hear my little sister
pregnant again!
3rd baby!
very productive!

Give it To Me - Madonna

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