Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good Bye Rebonding!

Final night with rebonding hair!
Earrings - gift frm Mami Hany
Leather Necklace - frm Phillipines

It was Sunday 6th November 2009.

Mcm biasa, James and me bangun tengahari at 1pm. Usually Sunday kitorang ada kat rumah, but this time we stayed overnight at the hotel. Sebab nyer, kitorang nk gi Great Eastern Mall buat rambut.

This month we all off Monday tapi OFFDAY is always FAMILY DAY so anything we wana do that doesn't involve family must do other days.

But believe me, since working kt Concorde Hotel, nk cari time for ourselves pun susah!!!

Back to Great Eastern Mall.... driving from Concorde is just 13 minutes jer. Sampai jer, terus pergi tingkat 4, cari OKAIRI salon. 1 of the bosses named Karen. We looked for her and she asked both of us to have a sit!

James wanted to perm curl his hair cos his hair is very fine and long and straight and bila time keje, rambut dia selalu cover mata dia.

Me? I want to perm curl sebab rambut i originally wavy, so bila early this year i did rebonding, dah macam badut rambut aku. Just imagine few inches from root rambut curl, pastu yg lain straight. Penat hari2 aku kena iron straight. Kalu tak iron straight, aku curl kan. Jenuh gak lar.

Karen doing James hair!

So... after storytelling the hairstylist with what both of us want with our hair, mereka pun mula mengerjakan rambut kitorang berdua. James nyer hairstylist Karen. While mine is Mandy. 1st she trimmed my hair about 2 inches, layer front.

Lepas dah trim rambut, dia mula curling my hair.

Dah siap habis curl.. NEXT???

Lepas curling hair, steam sekejap.

Lepas steam, bubuh ubat.

After 5 minutes, bubuh ubat lagi.

Lepas 5 minit, basuh.

James tgh dapat massage
baikkkkkk punya!!!

After basuh, bubuh hair treatment (for after perming, curling or colouring).

While waiting for the treatment meresap dlm rambut 10 minutes head & shoulder & back massage (THE BEST PART OF ALL)

Lepas 10 minutes treatment, basuh again.

After basuh, mereka bubuh water gel sambil twisting each hair yg curl.

Lepas tu blow!!!!!!!!!

The process is from 2:30pm - 6:30pm.

Gua kencing lepas 1 gelen.... hahahahaha.... sejukkkkkkkkk!

Tapau food before back to hotel.

new hair!

Back view!

i am no show-off ok!

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga


Honey A. Fuad.... said...

lepas takde rambut langsung!!!! asyik dok buat rambut je...

weyyhh,bila nyer projek rantai nk mula ni???

Skutik said...

ko jangan lar mendoakan aku takde rambut, nnti aku kena sarung balik sumer rambut2 palsu ku!!! huhuhu....

projek rantai... start lar dulu! ko byk masa, buat dulu! nnti next year aku sambung jer!


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