Friday, December 18, 2009


Gawd... since i got lucky winning the STAGE Mascara a couple of months ago by joining some contests online, never thought that i would get addicted in joining more contests held by various blogshops online.

Although i only got lucky once, but hey, that won't stop me from wishing to win again aight?

And the best thing is, my favourite review blog (who actually got me addicted with ONLINE SHOPPING), has come out with some easy (according to Sha-Lene) to win contests.

She came out with some BIG BANG contests, and the 1st BANG is a WISHLIST!

A few steps i have to follow, from blogging to facebook and then tweeting on twitter plus a couple of emails, will surely get me to win either 1 or all 3 items that i WISHED for!

BUT please don't click yet, cause you have to continue reading to know what i wished for.....

I've always loved the month of DECEMBER and at times i hated 'em.

Why i Love December?
1st, it's my birthday. My birthday is on the 1st =)
2nd, December is also my wedding anniversary date. 16 December.
3rd, Christmas is all about giving.... although i don't celebrate Christmas but living in Malaysia with so many culture and celebration, we celebrate every occasion!
4th, my dad's birthday is also on December but his is on the 28th.
Last but not least, it's the last month of the year! The closing! the month where we look back at what we've done/achieved thruout the year!

And why i hate December?
With all the occasions i just mentioned on why i love december, meaning i have to spend spend spend on presents or something new to wear on the special days!!!

Hmmm.... that leaves me to always wishing that i would get something that dropped from the sky! Yeah... right!

But how long can i tahan to just scroll scroll scroll all the new arrivals on the blogshops in town and that i wanted to purchased soooo much but i have to hold back cos i ran out of cash.... grrrr.

Ok ok (inhale exhale).... not enough cash & waiting from the sky is not the solution.

Let's try if yourshoppingkaki can grant my 3 wishes!

Only 3 WISHES and i wish that i will get 1 from the 3 wishes (much better if all 3 came true!)

The first contest is sponsored by It's in conjunction with their 1st Anniversary.... btw HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY to! I know how happy you are cos i just had my 5th year Wedding Anniversary a couple of days ago!

I guess i have to start my wishlists now.



Coach Op Art Small Hobo (Style # 12950)

I'm usually not a branded lover, but if given free, SIAPA TAK NAK? NAKKKKKKKKKK


Coach Legacy Slim Envelope Red Patent Leather withTurnlock Closure

My favourite color is Yellow, but if ur wishing for a freegift, i don't wanna be choosy ;)

Coach Madison Slim Envelope Clutch Purse Wallet (Style # 41975)

Please please please,
i'm in love with all the above products.
GOD, please make my wishes come true!!

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