Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wonder no more, hehe!

Had a good conversation with a fren last night at the stoopid new coffee shop.

It was all about TALKING & LISTENING session. After almost 2 years we didn't see each other, it's good to know that he trusted me when he needs someone to talk to!

Yang best nyer, bila i told him about my experience taking ride on a bus recently. I never told anyone about it, and when i told him last night, couldn't believe that it could be a JOKE. A big one.

It happened after our 1st dancing class at Linda Jasmine's dance studio in Ampang, and it was 7pm already. Since we took the train to Ampang, we have to rushed back home to go to work by 9:30pm.

The train station is not that far but walking can take about 17 minutes and by bus about 5 minutes. We thought of taking the cab but the cab tak nak amik kitorang sebab it's too near!

No choice, we had to take the bus. I told Seri & James, it has been a long time since i last took the bus.

Bus Rapid berhenti, kitorang pun naik ngan kecoh nyer. Dah naik, kitorang gelabah tak tau macamana nak bayar tiket bas (ye lar, dolu2 naik jer bus, terus duduk and tunggu bus conductor dtg kt kita and bagi dia duit and conductor bus bagi kita teket).

Sib baik lar drebar bas tu very the friendly and told us to put our money in the box next to him and wait for the ticket!!! Hahahaha.... lawak2. Mesti orang2 dalam bus tu mengumpat kitorang sebab tak tau nk bayar kat ner!!! LOL.

Itu lar crita lawak i. I don't think i will take ride on a bus again. I prefer to drive and take train!!! Hahaha....

Sib baik naik train i know how to buy ticket. Haish....

p/s - semalam i forgot to eat and when i weighed myself, i lost another 2kg!!..

12 July 2009


6 September 2009

If you're married,
and have a girlfriend/boyfriend,
how do you declare that you & your gf/bf
are a couple?
I know when ur in skool,
you'll say,
"Eh, let's COUPLE, from now on,
you're MY bf/gf!"
Am still thinking how they say it!!! :)

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