Friday, September 11, 2009

"BACK TO SKOOL" theme night


Phew... lepas puas mencari skirt macam orang giler last Monday, finally i get to wear them last night. Actually this skirt supposed to be my 2nd choice to wear. Unfortunately the 1st choice is way damnnnn short short short skirt. I just don't feel comfortable wearing em, sebab pendek sangat, segan pulak, so i wear this 2nd choice skirt. Im not sure if it's high waisted or not, but i was rushing already, so i sarung jer lar..... next time i'll try high-waisted style plak....


Bila ada theme night kat tempat kerja i, it was mainly FUN FUN FUN, tapi jadik TAK FUN when we CANNOT participate in any of the games..... chait .... always the emcee asked any volunteers, i'll raise my hand tapi emcee pretended not to see me!!! Hehehe.... (ingat lagi dolu2 time skolah, takde pulak teringin angkat tangan bila cikgu tanya soklan!)

On stage fooling around!

Kat Havana Club, Tropicana Golf Course & Resort, there will be different2 theme nights every THURSDAY. Next week 17th, it's COWBOY NIGHT (no problem with the theme cos i have cowboy hat and jeans & boots but i think i'll have to go Times Square again to find BF CHECKERED SHIRT) and on the 24th, it's JOGET NITE (no problem also, dah 2 tahun i tak muat pakai kebaya putih i, so i guess i'll be wearing the kebaya & kain batik again!!! Yey!)

And later today, FRIDAY, ada theme night kt Escapade Pub, Sunway Mentari. Today's theme will be HAT day with WHITE TOP & BLUE JEANS! Easy one.... lucky me i have loads of hats/caps....

I remember someone used to say to me,
i've TRIED
but it's hard to do it!
I maybe will forgive, but just not yet,
and i always REMEMBER!

My Heart Belongs To You by Peabo Bryson


toughcookie said...

i tetiba teringat time kita form 1 dulu i think... you berlakon cerita apa tah kat sekolah... hari guru probably. you were so gorgeous with that wide figure-hugging black belt. time form 1 tu kira gorjes abis la... orang suma terbeliak bijik mata tengok you, termasuk la i hehe.

you lost so much weight already now eh? i ni tah bila la pulak...

Skutik said...

yah, i remember i think English play, ntah apa nama nyer, and kitorang menang.... u tak tau ke i punye lar segan giler masa tu, sebab nampak mcm tak kena jer!!! Couldn't believe u still remember the BELT... and thanks for the compliments.... :)

part losing weight, yes, dropping every week 2-3 kgs. It took me 3 1/2 years to get back my hubby asked me to stop dropping more weights but i nk kurus lagi... hard for me to find baju Keje kalu gemuk, hehe!

toughcookie said...

yesss!! english play... you jadi minah cari kerja ke apa. masuk dalam hall je terus orang suma siul la... hoot la... hehe... menjadi betul your character.

laki i ni pun tak bagi turun banyak sangat takut nanti takde bontot tak cun hehe... dulu i kurus, bontot takde konon tak cukup sexy ;P


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