Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Skirt goes on The Train and get the so-called BEST COFFEE!

SORRY GIRLS.... especially to prettybabesonlinekiosk for your kind help and patience in helping me finding the checkered pleated skirt. U have nice fashion blog, but i just have to see it myself to know if i can fit in the skirt.

BTW, it was my off day today (and everyone in Selangor). I decided to go to Times Square (shopping heaven). My baby sister tagged along too. We reached at 2:30pm and look for the skirt and found exactly what I wanted for the "BACK TO SKOOL" theme night this Thursday.

After walking floor to floor, in and out from 1 shop to another looking for the skirt, i finally found them at www.i-socksonline.com

You know the shop where it was filled with black & red harajuku kind of clothings, with a big yellow chain at the entrance with a sign MEMBERS ONLY! It's called I-SOCKS HAUNTED HOUSE!

I was lucky dapat masuk the shop (went in there before but the baju all small size but since i became smaller again, ehem ehem, i know i just have to check the shop again!) after buying a handglove at the open i-socks shop.

I remember last time i went in the shop, all the things sold are sooo expensive (for me cos i couldn't wear them everyday ae?). But they're having crazy sale.... most of the items are 30% less babe!!! Damn cheap!

I didn't just bought the skirt, i ended up buying a boots also! hehehe... RED COLOR some more.... macam devil! Woohooo.... So dah alang-alang beli banyak kat situ, i terus jadik member sebab membership just pay RM5 for LIFETIME!!!!

After penat jalan-jalan, it's time for us to make a move back home to Changkat View (owh lupa nk bagitau that we took monorail from Tun Sambanthan to Times Square).... but we didn't see the time when we went shopping and by the time for us to go back it's already 5pm, the time where everyone in KL finished office hour! ARRGHHHHH.... dang!

We bought the monorail ticket to go back to Sambanthan and found out that the people queueing nak naik train ramai sangat....

And bila the train came, dah macam tin sardin yg kat dalam train tu, sampai ada yang melekat pipi kat cermin pintu train tu, itu pun orang2 yang beratur nk masuk train tadi dah bertolak-tolak squeezing lagi!!! Ish ish ish, tak sangka sampai mcm tu sekali diorang!!!

So my sister and me decided to let go 1 train, and then 1 more train, and then another train (cos all padat gilos)....

In the end, we go across the platform (the one heading to titiwangsa) and naik train ke Medan Tuanku (sebab the train heading to titiwangsa KOSONG giler)....

We keluar train at Medan Tuanku, lepak jap kat platform figuring out what to do and then i told my sister we have to gamble and go on the train back to Sambanthan (one thing about both of us, bila kitorang dalam tempat-tempat yg sempit and ramai orang, we become lemas. When we become lemas, our jantung degup laju. Bila degupan jantung laju, kitorang jadik gelabah. Bila gelabah, kitorang nyer peluh sejuk kuar and the FEAR of being in suffocating place goes on! In short - CLAUSTROPHOBIA). Don't ever put us in a long tunnel, a small aeroplane, dark small room....

Back to the crita train, we gamble and masuk the train, got a seat in the middle and took out my handphone and start playing SUDOKU. Station after station, people started to squeeze in, and all i saw was SUDOKU. When we reached TIMES SQUARE station, it became worst. More people squeezing and im still playing SUDOKU (just to take my mind off the surrounding squeezed people). Sampai kat HANG TUAH station, most of the people keluar and the train was back to normal. Phew.... we passed the tension wei!!!

Get to my car yang parking kt Sambanthan, drove back to Changkat View, and at 10pm saw an old friend for a coffee although the coffee was not that great tapi seeing 'm after such a long time was sooooo good!

Kesimpulan crita hari ni, HARI YANG BEST.... Mission Accomplished! Hahaha (sambil menyanyi lagu Say Hey I Love You by Michael Franti)

Hubby already paid our ZAKAT FITRAH?

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