Thursday, May 14, 2009


my favourite maxi dress, THEN!
me holding a stick, pretending to be a teacher!!!

came across this picture uploaded by my lil sista on FB. 

in the picture i was holding a stick and pretending to scold not-sure-who-took-this-photo! LOL

my father was a teacher before (he used to teach in St.Xavier's High School in Penang and that's where he met my mum!). After dad got married with mum and had their 1st baby, they decided to move to KL and dad worked in Lembaga Peperiksaan (not-sure-what-they-call-Lembaga-Peperiksaan-now). And i still remember how dad struggled in the government office and he kept telling us, the kids, not to be a teacher when we grow up, especially not as a government servant! hehe.

(itu pasal lar i jadik singer, keje sendiri!)

back to the picture. I still remembered that maxi dress i wore was indeed 1 of my favourite dresses that i love to wear!

macam sekarang ni, my son, Lil Guwapo, loved to wear jeans! Everyday! Sometimes even going to bed! 


Yup, especially now musim panas (no rain for the past 2-3 weeks), he still want to wear LONG JEANS with T-Shirt. Kalau pakai Jeans tu pergi jalan-jalan, it's ok, tapi tidak, he wears it at HOME!

I guess when you have grown up sikit, you know what looks best on you, aight? hahaha

So the maxi dress i wore in the picture was one of my favourite. It's made of cotton, soft, cooling material. Design macam ada pakai apron!!!

and I remembered at one time a few months back, the MAXI DRESS FEVER hit the town, online boutique or even the flea markets. I was one of them who must own 1 Maxi Dress too.... (carik bagai nak rak sampai ke Uptown Danau Kota sana!!! Rupa-rupanya Flea Market The Curve ada jual daaa.... RM50 jer!)

my favourite maxi dress, NOW!
L-R : Big Momma, Me, Skinny Adrian

saya tak suka pakai tuala wanita MAXI, 
walaupun di hari-hari yg "sungguh banjir"!!!


Kristin Joy said...
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Heart of a Hunter said...

Kristin - thanks for the website link.... will definitely check-out more maxi dress!!! OOhhhh... i love maxi dress!!!


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