Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lil Guwapo

Here's an edited photo of Lil Guwapo and me!
This is when we had lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters in Tropicana City Mall. Kyle was so bored waiting for his food!!! 

I've been to soooo many Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurants in PJ or KL. 

I don't really like to eat the roast chicken, but i loveee the baked potatoes. Everytime makan kt Kenny Rogers, i mesti order baked potatoes with Chicken & Cheese toppings. Yummy....

And dalam banyak-banyak Kenny Rogers restoran i makan, i think the outlet in Tropicana City Mall the best. Servings of the toppings sampai melimpah-limpah atas pinggan. Kalau kt outlet lain, macam kedekut jer nk taruk the toppings.

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