Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congratulations to Kris Allen

It was Allan (my ex-dance instructor) who first noticed Kris Allen's face similar to Pogi's.

Then both my sistas told me that Kris smiled like Lil Guwapo.

And since then i've been hoping that Kris Allen would be the 2009 American Idol (never like that screaming Adam Lembut  Lambert!)

This morning i woke up just in time to watch Ryan Seacrest announcing the winner. I was jumping like a monkey when Kris was announced as the winner *wink wink*


So to the girl on tweeter who was fighting wif me about Adam, 
i'd like to say SORRY that your idol didn't win.... bluekkkkkkkkk.....

1 comment:

toughcookie said...

omg... ye la... kris looks like your hunnybun hehe... wow.


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