Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CUTI-CUTI MALAYSIA (Holiday-Holiday Malaysia?) Yes Yes Yes!

After doing some research and calculating time and googling for great holiday packages in Malaysia, i've decided to go to A'Famosa Resort for our family summer holiday this year (last year's summer holiday was in the Philippines!)

Langkawi was our 1st choice, but since we only have 3D2N only, we wouldn't wanna waste our time on travelling! 

Since Mom & Dad will be tagging along with us (aside from Pogi & Lil Guwapo), i just thought why not we go to A'Famosa Resort in Malacca. At the same time we could visit our relatives (dad's family). I thought it was a brilliant idea. Told mum, she said OK. Told Pogi, he said he'll follow whatever i have in mind! What about Dad? He'll follow too!


Today i checked some travel agencies around. Hopefully will get a good family package price by end of this week!

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i just read my Daily Horoscope
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29 April 2009

Travel of any kind is highly encouraged, because you are in a very flexible phase.
Your primary relationship -- however you define it -- 
is making life a lot more interesting today. 
See if you can sit down for a long chat
even if you don't really have an agenda.

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