Thursday, April 16, 2009

Go Holiday!

Lama dah blog ni ditinggal-tinggalkan. Banyak cerita nk diceritakan tapi sibuk sesangat sampaikan takde masa nk update my blog!

Since my last post, we had a series of happenings which is the much talked about Earth Hour 2009 (read this for what happened on that night), pindah rumah (same apartment building, same floor but to another unit), cowboy night at my workplace (go here for more details), lil guwapo started counting and an uncle passed away (al-fatihah). 

So after all the happenings, Pogi and I have finally decided to take a break. Go holiday. Thanks to Seri who won the Brand's Innershine Pencarian Bintang Contest, she gets to go to Bali. If she didn't win, i think all of us will still be working.

It was all my brilliant idea. I know Andy (my guitarist) wanted to visit his anak in Kuching. And at the same time, Seri is going to Bali, so i suggest to Pogi, why don't we all take a break after a year working non-stop? Seri fixed her date going to Bali on 15, 16 & 17 May. Why not we all go on holiday the same time? Yup, Pogi agreed, talked to the management of the pub, we get green light to take a break, as long as there's another band replacing us. 

Now, i'm busy looking for holiday destinations. Wanted to go Bali too. Never been there yet. Or maybe just to Langkawi. Or maybe Penang (hmmm... the nasik kandaq). Or Bangkok (still got riot?). Or Singapore? Or Australia? Or Vietnam? 

So tell me, where should we go for our holidays?

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