Friday, May 1, 2009

what's the fuss about this **Adam LEMBUT?

i've been watching American Idol since Season 2 (missed out the 1st season cos we were busy working in CONCORDE KL, no time for TV!)

Since i became a singer in the year 1999, i love to watch singing competition. I could learn a thing or two. Hear what the jury said. Learn about pitching. Learn to hear how the singers belt out their high notes (i've learned a lot just by watching especially when watching hubby singing!)

Year after year, season after season, i love all the winners or the contestants. 

But when 2009 (season 8) american idol was aired on Star World recently, i started to hate watching the show when this one particular contestant, **ADAM LEMBUT, who, week after week after week showing or shall i said, singing the same style - SCREAMING!

Yes, no doubt he has high pitch. He could break a glass (in my opinion), but i think he should reserved the high pitch to certain songs only eg. ROCK songs! I watch the show from the start of the auditions until in the theater, he sang the same tune. Ballad or Rock or Jazz or just name the song, he'll scream like a woman being raped (although i've never heard how a woman being raped but i guess the woman will scream her heart out right?) 

Actually i had a fight wif a girl on twitter. I just voice out my opinion that i don't like Adam Lembut, and when last week he was bottom 3, i was jumping up and down like a monkey (cos Pogi love that Lembut!!!! arrrgghhh....)

Back to twitter, i think the girl is from Philippines (alamak orang kampung laki aku daaa...) She saw my status cursing A.Lembut and she started sending me messages.

She started 1st by sending me this message -

@ninaskutik  **adam lembut's good, maybe u have a problem with ur hearing

so i replied **@stoopid@$$ nope i don't have any hearing problem!

and she replied - @ninaskutik u know what david archuleta said, u are ur own critic......and besides people who are insecure just got nothin worth to say!!!

and i replied **@stoopidA$$ i really have nothing to lose!!!

and she replied - @ninaskutik hahaha, ur just sooo sensitive...did it hit u??

and after she replied that, i started to feel watafoc !!! Why should i fight about one man who doesn't even know that we're fighting about him so i replied to her - **@stoopidA$$ TAK AIH!!! AKU SELAMBA JER... KO KOT YG TERASA? 

i thought she'll stop replying about A.Lambert and yes she stopped talking about A.Lambert but instead she asked me @ninaskutik r u an alien????wahahaha


So you see.... everytime people watch these so-called "REALITY" programmes, the audiences will start becoming the juries!

I will be one too!

And i just think that A.Lembut is not a GREAT SINGER! He may be GOOD but NOT great!

**not the real name 

I hope KRIS ALLEN (who most of the people said he looks sooooo much like Pogi and Lil Guwapo) is the 2009 AMERICAN IDOL!

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Honey A. Fuad.... said...

aku pun x paham ape yg org nmpak kt ADAM LEMBUT ni... setakat mnjerit je konon dh kira bagus la tu!!!

annoying la klu menjerit je tp bukan menyanyi,lepas ni AI(american Idol) kena buat competition menjerit je!!!!

mwahahaha.... =)


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