Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm so so in love with ONE TREE HILL

When i was in Penang last month, i bought some dvds at the feringhi beach night market. The dvds i bought are tv series for desperate housewives season 5 part 1, prison break complete season 4 and gossip girl season 1 part 1. They sold the dvd for RM4 per cd, and every tv series complete season supposedly has 5 cds. So when i watched Desperate Housewives, they only have 3 cds in it. Then i thought, ok... i've finished the whole season 5. So i continued with Gossip Girl and after watched the whole 3 cds, i thought again that i've finished the whole season. Then Asu borrowed the dvds.... and suddenly she said she noticed something missing. She saw the preview on 8TV there's a continuation for the Desperate Housewives! I thought she was joking cos the last episode on the 3rd cd for desperate housewives was when Wisteria Lane got hit by a tornado. Asu told me that the preview on 8TV showed that Carlos is blind and etc etc etc. So i checked again the dvds and noticed that it's written Season 5 Part 1, 3 cds. Meaning there should be Season 5 Part 2...

So i wasn't quite satisfied and i went to the DVD shop in Aman Suria D'sara, and asked for tv series DVD. And guess what? I was right, they have Desperate Housewives Season 5 Part 2 DVDs. And they're selling for RM9 per cd and there's 2 cd in Part 2.... Very expensive compared to Penang. So i bought the Part 2 cds for Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl.

So after a few days watching Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl marathon, i went back to the DVD shop and this time i saw One Tree Hill Season 5. They have 5 cds and it's RM45. I bought it, and was hooked on it.

I've been watching One Tree Hill since the 1st season, and i really like to watch Chad Michael Murray aka Lucas Scott in Tree Hill.

The last time i watched One Tree Hill Season 4 was when i downloaded from internet last 2 years. And i remembered the last episode was when they graduated from their Tree Hill High School.

So Season 5 was more on their love and life after high school. Brooke was a successful fashion designer, Peyton Sawyer was still struggling in LA working with a major recording company, Lucas Scott became a famous writer.

The best part was Luke wrote the 1st book about him and Peyton.... oh gawd... if i wanna write about the whole season.... it's gonna be damn long!

So i'm not gonna tell u about the whole story, but i just wanna write here, on the last episode of Season 5, Luke called 3 girls that he had fallen in love that is Brooke, Peyton and Lindsey (new girl on Season 5) and he was a the airport at the time, and talking on the phone asking one of the girls to marry him in Las Vegas because he has 2 tickets to Las Vegas.

So who did he called?

Definitely not me! **blushing**

Now my mind has been thinking how's it gonna be in Season 6. When is it coming out? End of this year? Next year? I can't waittttt anymore. I have to find out what happened to Peyton...

Actually i pitied to Peyton in Season 5. She was hoping that Luke would come back to her after she said "Maybe" to him when he proposed to her. She should have said "YES"....

One Tree Hill shows that 1st LOVE never die....

Shoot... i've nothing else to say here!

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