Monday, June 9, 2008

another trip and working time!!!

When we were in the Philippines, i did gained a few pounds from eating all the rice that my mother-in-law served us from breakfast till dinner. So when we came back to KL, i totally cut down my meals. Breakfast with oats, lunch and dinner with just a slice of bread. Did a lot of "u-zapping". Crunch and push-ups on stability ball. In just 3 days, i shed a few pounds.... success, but we went to Penang after that. So u guessed it right, how can you resist all the food in Penang. Nasi Kandar Kg.Melayu? Rojak Khaleel? Char Kuey Teow Gurney Drive? Line Clear? Roti Bun Kaya Butter Kg.Melayu? Arrr... don't care la with my weights. I can exercise again when we come back from Penang.

We encountered a few problems and such in Mar Vista, the place we stayed in Penang. After we've checked-in, we found out that Mar Vista is no more a resort which opens to the public. It has turned out to be a fully residency area. So, believe it or not, the stupid management did take our money even though they're not supposed to do that. And they stupidly told us that we can't park in front of the apartment, and the parking space for visitors are outside the building, very far. Arrghhh... at first we ignored them. We still parked inside. Then minute after minute the security came and told us to park our car outside. I almost had a fight with them. I told them i was there for holiday but it's a disaster. So to calm us down, we decided to go out makan-makan. Went makan at Khaleel, and line clear. Line clear dah jadik tak sedap totally!

Acik and family (except for Along who's working till late) came to visit us at Mar Vista. So we all went out together and before they go home, they had to pick up Along at her workplace at 12:30 midnight. We chit-chat till late in Mar Vista, from the kitchen to the stairs going down to the rooms. Somehow a weird thing happened at the stairs. We were all talking and suddenly Lil Guwapo pointed to the store room which is under the stairs. He kept pointing and laughing and pointing again and running. He's acting weird. You know people said that escpecially kids can see 'ghosts' and such. Acik joked that Lil Guwapo really did saw 'something'. We just ignored. So they all then moved upstairs. Then Pogi called me and showed me his handphone. He showed me 2 picture he took while we were talking at the stairs.

As u can see, that the 1st pic Pogi took got a white shadow. So he took again, and there's no shadow. So is it something weird? That night we slept with the lights on and im really close to Pogi. Spooky arr.

The next morning, we woke up early cos Lil Guwapo suddenly wake up crying so much. Since we already woke up, we decided to have breakfast at Kg Melayu. Ordered the 'nalereke' nasi kandar. Finger licking good. Bought a few packs of fried meehoon, some kaya buns. Breakfast like a king! Hahaha... abih lar diet aku!

Afternoon we went to Lorong Kulit, bought Euro 2008 t-shirts. Then to Prangin Mall, makan lunch at Sushi King (the place where Along and Boboy working!). We had 8 plates of dishes but Along charged only 4 plates. Lucky me.

Night time pulak, we had dinner at Gurney Drive. Makan sotong bakar, kerang rebus, char kuey teow, pai tee. Hmmm... never mind my diet.

So the next day, breakfast again at Kg.Melayu. We even tapau nasik kandar and nasi tomato and meehoon goreng, for my lil sister who didn't get to join us.

After tapau, and saying bye-bye to Achik and family, we drove back home. It was raining so it took us 5 hours to reach home.

Hmmm... balik jer terus makan the tapau we had. I'm gonna missed all the food. Don't know when we can go again to Penang. Probably next year....

And Mama Lin finally told us that she felt spooky too when she passed the storeroom under the stairs in Mar Vista, but she didn't want to tell me earlier, afraid that i'm really really scared! Which i did!!

Now, it's been a week since we started working at the Wharf, Armada Hotel PJ. The place is ok. Crowd good. Drinks cheaper than Holiday Villa. Our regular guest in Holiday Villa now started to hang out in Wharf. They said Alleycats are bored!

One month we didn't work, we totally forgot most of the songs. Hehehe....

Now i'm busy again with u-zapping and stability ball exercise. Sigh.... and later, we're gonna have soundcheck again.

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