Monday, December 17, 2007

3 years and going stronger.....

16 December 2007 - Our 3 years wedding anniversary.

Our day started early. We did massage for 2 1/2 hours. Then came back home pick up Little Guapo. Went to the park play slide, swing and see-saw for 1 hour, then dress up for dinner. We planned to have dinner at The Curve, but suddenly hujan! So change plans, we head to One Utama and had dinner at Fisherman @Lakeside. It's a seafood restaurant. The food taste good. 5 dishes and 3 of us eating. Little Guapo enjoyed the fried rice wif lemon chicken and spinach soup. I enjoyed everything. There's also buttered prawns and sweet and sour pomfret. Sedap.....

Pogi and me waiting for our dinner!

Little Guapo and Mamaganda

Pogi and Little Guapo

After makan2, we planned to go to Uptown D'Kota. On the way jalan to carpark, i saw P.K. Time (i always wanted to go P.K.Time in Pyramid!). Didn't know there's a branch in OU. And they're having discounts and discounts. Pogi knows that i've always wanted a GUESS watch, so he told me to choose. But then i saw BONIA watches. It looks nice and the salesgirl told me that Bonia watches susah nk scratch sebab it uses sapphire glass. But i still want Guess and the salesgirl convincing me that i need a change. Saying (which is true) many people wear Guess watch! Hmm... i guess i need to give my Swatch watch a rest for a while sebab dah byk scratches. So in the end, after checking Tissot and Longines, i chose BONIA. And voila... after using it, actually it really look nice.

The Bonia watch!

After buying the watch, we quickly head to Uptown D'Kota. There, we jalan2 and i bought a leather belt RM35. Mahal gak tapi i like!

After jalan2, we head home and sleep.... kroh kroh kroh.

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